December 2, 2021

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Mysterious rituals of change and the Corona virus – 2 – in the wonders of life – Blog

Mysterious Change Rituals and the Coronavirus – 2

The Mysterious Elite is all about power and symbolism. In the last article posted, The Magic Party did both! A mysterious elite tells the world that they control the world’s resources and manpower by opening the world’s deepest tunnel but also the world’s longest tunnel. In other words, they are the only ones who can also implement such projects, because they control politics, finance and business. Plus, by creating seemingly mystical ceremonies, the world’s elite are telling the world, “We believe it, we think of you, and no one can do anything about it!”

The Gotthard Underground Tunnel party turned a major European, engineering and artistic show into a religious celebration dedicated to Baphomet (who is a symbol of the sledding goat), while making fun of the workers who have already given their lives and the masses traveling through this European tunnel. Then the most powerful Europeans rose up and gave glory to this mystical celebration dedicated to the true ruler – God, the magical elite of the world !!

Mysterious Transformation Rituals and the Coronavirus


Most likely, mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing along with the lock (now before covidom19) is unknown to the vast majority of humans that such practices were such an integral part of the ancient mystical rituals used to introduce people to the New World arrangement! In the available literature studies, the comments document it […]

More than 10% of Afghans fled the country!


Russian authorities said ten percent of Afghans have fled the country since mid-August! The Commander of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Russian Colonel General Anatole Sidorov, told reporters on October 14 that since the Taliban victory, more than 3 million Afghans have fled to Iran and Pakistan alone, about 10% of the population. All of Afghanistan. […]

CO19 – Psychological Military Operation!


Humanity is at war! In a one-sided war! The freedom fighters have lost their way and cannot realize that the enemies are deep within them. The reason is that today’s war is psychological! And no enemy of freedom has been able to conquer the world with military struggle, but humanity has always seen what comes and defends itself. But this time it’s completely different! Today […]

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