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movie sites.  Do you know the location of the filming of Birinpapa?

movie sites. Do you know the location of the filming of Birinpapa?

The first week of Advent began. Christmas is here to see. And with them, Christmas movies and fairy tales. Who does not love them? Three Nuts for Cinderella, Alone at Home, Belsky, Enjoying the World With You, Your Marazek and many others. Of course, Prinbaba too! In fact, there are two types of Perinbabs. Do you know where Perinbaba was filmed?

It’s no coincidence that we first asked you where the movie was shot PRINBABA. We want to offer you a unique publication movie locationsFrom which you will not only read where films are made about Perinbaba, but also learn about other places in Slovakia that Slovak and foreign filmmakers have chosen for their films or TV series. There are a lot of them.

Thomas Galerik: My dream is Monuriki Beach in Fiji. This is where Tom Hanks “smashed” in Wrecked

About how to book movie locations We spoke to its author Tomas Galerik. In the interview you will also find the answer to the question in which Perinbaba was filmed and many other interesting things related to movie venues. We have also prepared for you a book contest movie locations Handwritten by the author. You can win it.

Movie sites are definitely not the kind of book that can be written in a year or two. How long have you been attending it?

I started writing the book in its original form sometime around 2001. It was originally Hollywood with some notes outside the United States. I wrote Slovakia more extensively only about ten years ago, and gradually the notes and collection of guessed or tracked movie venues became a book.

What was the main reason you came up with this book at all?

The original notes were just a bunch. It wasn’t a book yet. In college, I realized that what I was about to finish was a topic that deserved more attention. When Tomáš Berka’s book The Great Illusion came out on the market, I started thinking differently about the movie’s attractions and all the information it had collected. To imagine them as a guide for Slovakia, who can actually convey cinema tourism in Slovakia. It can be said that some negative opinions and rejection of film tourism, or the film as an interesting topic and an element of tourist attraction, forced me to stick to this idea and not let it go. It is very possible that tourism professionals and village mayors, who shook their heads because of the contact “Film tourism and Slovakia, may be a sprain yet…

And what was the process of creation? Have you visited, watched movies, browsed literature, or searched on Google?

Oftentimes it was a matter of watchful eyes. According to certain rules, most Slovak films can be revealed from the outside. Church towers, town hall, squares, statues, trees featured in gardens. If you have accurate shots and you’re sure it’s not a backlink, it’s fun to look for clues to the most accurate location. Originally, the occasional reference in interviews with filmmakers helped me. It was enough for them to say that they depicted a particular village, and this information caught my attention much more. The first films were American. Mainly from the USA, but you won’t find it in the book. The book Film Places accompanies the reader only in Slovakia. But even in our small country, there is really a lot to like and associate with film. Or they’re just places that could use the film as a frivolous tool, adding to their allure with the push of a button. I remember Carol Blake’s book and the pictures of the Bognes Castle stairs that brought me closer to a movie. Sometimes informants, additions and thanks to the villagers helped end the headlines. Today, movie sites reveal hashtags on social networks, search engines, sites and many portals. But nothing compares to the fact that attentive eyes notice the familiar shutter and paving and unexpectedly recognize Námestie sv. Mikuláš in Trnava.

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Have you ever wanted to see the location of the movie you watched? What movie did you want the most?

Alone at Home 2, unequivocally, or the Ghostbusters station from the original movies. Eight years after the twins fell, my wife and I literally walked all over Manhattan in New York. Central Park has its charms. Countless films have been made throughout New York. John Wick, Kate and Leopold, Ghost, King Kong, Deadly Trap 3, Spiderman, Midnight Cowboy… Today I’m going to think about a specific beach from the Bond movie Dr. Well in Jamaica. Perhaps a national park in California, where M*A*S*H was filmed. In both places, I became friends with the people there. The biggest dream is Monuriki Beach, where Tom Hanks learned how to survive as a lost. Although Filmové Místy is only about Slovakia, it was originally a comprehensive book, and the foreign part of it will also see the light of day at some point in the future.

Filmmakers often walked around Kissos, which is where I come from. What films are associated with this region?

Information about the filming of the Jack Ryan series on a new section of the highway in Kysucie has appeared in almost every way. In the media, information may have value, but not for tourism either. The odd idea might be a resting place with a souvenir sign, but it’s really just weird. I’m sitting on a branch and Juraj Jakubisko filmed it for me in Riečnice near Nová Bystrica, but there were also scenes of Insurgent History. In the open-air Vychylovka Museum, the famous Czech war tales Želary, The Legend of the Flying Cyprian, or, more recently, landscape and film architecture, the fantastic fairy tale The Devil’s Pen, was filmed again. However, let’s not forget about Jakubisk’s old work Pehavý Max and the Ghosts, in which people from Stará and Nová Bystrica appeared directly on small assignments. But we are still at the end.

We have already mentioned film tourism. You are a tourism expert, what is your idea of ​​this type of tourism in Slovakia?

Film tourism in Slovakia is something I have been struggling with for some time. There are places that I realize have some small or big extras and can grab the movie’s attention. There are few of them many of our cities, towns and museums give no information, no benefit, and the movie can be a small addition, adding to the attraction of the place. In Bali, they will stop you at every small village and tell you where to shoot things, both locally and abroad. Where Julia Roberts rode a bike. Suddenly, the place becomes more interesting, although you can not see Julia Roberts anywhere. To us, this is an invasive element for some mayors and museum directors, and it has nothing to do with the history of the museum or the community. I met different opinions. In my opinion, the ideal combination for film tourism would be the cooperation of the authorities, the region and filmmakers during the shooting. Set collaboration at such a level that the film can promote the venue and the venue can promote the film. In Malta, for example, there is the village of Pepka the Sailor, which is a unique vast landscape that is preserved for tourists. There you will understand what landscapes, false curtains, doors and interiors do not exist. Scenes, complete wooden houses, or trusses are created to withstand shooting. After the film, everything is filtered, destroyed, not saved. Buildings disappear, not transferred to village museums, or even just parts of them to cultural houses, to commemorate something interesting, even world-class. too bad. What do some villages today want to have the facade of a famous black and white movie in their cultural home?

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What are the places that you definitely do not want to miss on your trip to experience movies?

Perhaps Červený Kameň and its cellars, which have appeared in many Slovak, Czechoslovak and foreign films. It is truly unique and it is no wonder that it is attractive to film makers as well. Bratislava is beautiful too. In the French film Belle Ami, where Milan Kuchko also played with his perfect French, the building of the Ministry of Culture appeared and the viewer had the impression that he was looking at the Central Bank of Paris. The same building now served the American filmmakers, The Performance, when they formed a scene in front of a post office somewhere in New York. However, Bratislava is also a world famous street. The streets of Ventúrska and Kapucínska have appeared in many films. Dome of St. Martin created the interior of a church in Manhattan, New York in George Clooney and Nicole Kidman’s Peacemaker. Hvizdoslav Square in front of the Slovak National Theater in Vienna was filmed in the same film, and the same SND building was also used in the aforementioned film. But in Slovakia we have much more than that. It is difficult to choose the most interesting. This is one of the reasons for the creation of Filmové místa, which accompanies the reader to the west, central and eastern Slovakia. It revives almost forgotten places, interesting places and also remembers what is not found in other places as a whole, but is only scattered by fragments. It’s fun to listen to the older generation who remember filming the famous classic…

Christmas is approaching and with it the Christmas movies. There are not many movie venues in Slovakia associated with Christmas, but tell us which is your favorite Christmas movie and where is it filmed?

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We have a lot of movie venues in Slovakia, and even fewer at Christmas. However, it would be nice to have a site that links us to the Christmas movie, and at the same time there could be a pre-Christmas event related to the place. I can imagine that in the case of a successful movie, even this place could be a hit. My favorite Christmas movies are definitely Alone House (1990) and Alone House 2: Lost in New York (1992). Although it is not about Slovakia, which I deal with in my first film book, in the foreign part I have both films in detail in the future book on foreign places. McCallister’s house actually exists and has been besieged by tourists for years. It is located at 671 Lincoln Ave in Winnetke, Chicago. The second part is interesting in many places in New York and Central Park. I wasn’t the only one who walked through these places and enjoyed every bridge, fountain, lake, and building the filmmakers used long before. At the same time, the house of Kevin’s uncle was already filmed on the opposite coast of the United States in Los Angeles, and the famous Mr. Duncan toy store was a historic building in Chicago. Perinbaba (1985) is one of the Slovak Christmas fairy tales. With its music, theater and architecture. Most of the film consists of an open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhošťom in the Czech Republic, but the buildings in the Slovak Village Museum in Martin, the High Tatras, and a few other places on the Slovakia map also played an important role. role here.

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year? Somewhere known from the movie?

The current restrictions probably thwarted plans for the whole of Slovakia. Under the circumstances, I cannot bring any book gifts to anyone in my family, not even the movie Places, which a few of my loved ones look forward to. Each of us does not even have a choice and has to spend Christmas at home. Does not bother me. I always hope that Christmas is especially peaceful, without screaming, nerves, chases and the home environment is for sure. That is, provided that I have previously purchased gifts. If you think about it, there is no movie space where I would like to spend Christmas. Home is home. But after Christmas, I will not turn down any invitation to an interesting movie site. Once I won the lottery, my family and I set off for Monuriki, Fiji. This is where Tom Hanks “smashed” in the movie Wreck (2000). Slightly to the north lies Nanuya Levu from the famous Blue Lagoon (1980) …


In competition for Tomas Galerik’s book movie locations (Djama, 2021) You can participate Until Sunday December 5, 2021 (midnight) On Facebook BBonline.sk. We will send the book with the author’s handwritten signature to the winners(s).