December 7, 2021

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Video: Minister Nye laughed at the "Desolate General".  Tell him that Slovakia will build a space station

Video: Minister Nye laughed at the “Desolate General”. Tell him that Slovakia will build a space station

One protester came up with an implausible theory.



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Defense Minister Jaroslav Nye is alone Facebook social networking site Entertaining man on stage during protests. He claims that Slovakia plans to buy an aircraft carrier and park it in the United States, for which the Americans will also have to pay a “parking fee”.

“It will cost us billions not only for our children but also for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” said the man in the video. This gentleman protested his remarks, and was awarded the “Desolate of the Year” award from the Minister.

“I don’t really know what to say. I just think I wish everyone good health, and without any irony, some of them especially myself,” Books on the social network.

Nye jokes that we will build a space station once we buy an aircraft carrier in Slovakia. In the comments below the post, he later invited his followers to vote on whether to base it on Shirava or Mari. According to the number of emojis, Liptovská Mara still wins.

However, yesterday’s protests in Bratislava were not as happy as the contribution of the Minister of Defense. During the demonstrations, a saboteur wounded two members of the police force. Police had to arrest a total of 11 people during the event.

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Source: Facebook / Jaroslav Naď

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Source: Facebook / Jaroslav NyjPreview image: Facebook / Jaroslav Nyj