January 28, 2022

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Skylink is eliminated by ČT Sport.  The end of the program for Slovak viewers? [aktualizované]

Skylink is eliminated by ČT Sport. The end of the program for Slovak viewers? [aktualizované]

During the day, Skylink removed the Czech sports channel ČT Sport from its offer for Slovakia customers. The Czech public broadcaster’s sports program has been eliminated on both the Skylink satellite service and the Skylink Live TV Internet service. This happened in parallel with the inclusion of sports TV JOJ Šport on Skylink Live TV. Many of our readers have already reported this change.

At the time of writing, geolocation has been activated in ČT Sport on all Slovak decoders, similar to previous TV Nova or Prima channels. In addition, the program has been removed from the Slovak FastScan list, which uses Skylink Ready devices. Currently, only Skylink customers who have a set-top box with the Czech region can watch the ČT Sport HD programme. Thus propagation continues on the Astra 3B satellite (23.5° East), 12343MHz.

Skylink has not yet officially commented on the exclusion of ČT Sport from the Slovak offer. However, the reason is copyright.

Skylink statement added:

The law firm representing TV JOJ has warned us that some of our Slovak clients may gain access to the ČT Sport programme. Due to the fact that ČT Sport is not part of our program offer for Slovakia, we have taken technical measures to remedy the undesirable situation.Said Jaromir Gleznik, Board Member of Channel + Luxembourg, told SatelitnáTV.sk.

Overview of geo-blocked software:

The programs are not available on cards for the Slovak region 13 ČT Sport HD, JOJ Family HD, Markiza International, Nova +1 HD, Nova Fun HD, Nova Action HD, Nova Cinema HD, Nova Gold, Nova HD, Paramount Network, Prima +1 HD, Prima HD a Seznam.cz HD
Programs not available on cards with the Czech region 11 DAJTO HD, DOMA HD, JOJ PLUS HD, Markiza +1 HD, Markiza HD, Nova International, Prima PLUS HD, TV JOJ +1 HD, TV JOJ HD, WAU HD, Jojko

A complete list of stations of individual satellite operators is available in the Frequencies section. You can use the comparison to compare offers.

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