January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Something like this has never happened to me before

Yesterday 09:57

Slovak hockey defender Eric Czernak is sure to remember his first match very well after a three-week hiatus due to a hand injury.

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One of the defensive pillars of the Stanley Cup champions he missed eight games, but in a second substitution after less than six minutes he scored his first goal of the season.

And he was very curious. Cernak shoots a puck off the red line into the attack zone in an attempt to get as far from his defense zone as possible. However, he bounced off a pole on the protective glass in front of goalkeeper Jordan Bennington and from there behind his back.

Tampa Bay was already 3-0 up at the time, and she could not have wished for a better start. “This is the life of a goalkeeper. Things don’t always work out in your favor. I heard a puck bounce off the shaft, but then it disappeared from my sight. Something like that happened to me for the first time.” Jordan Bennington said.

Cernac’s goal also added statistical value. He reached it just five seconds after Corey Perry was injured, the shortest time difference between two goals scored by Tampa Bay players in the club’s history. “Previously, Tampa hockey players have scored three seconds in the past. Most recently in March 2016 against the New York Islanders,” The official NHL website said.

Accumulating three goals in five and a half minutes is not nice but goalkeeper Saint. Lewis managed a black start to the match in the head and did not score another goal from the curious interference of Ernack. He scored 30 treatments and became the second star. Cernak played for about 20 minutes, but in addition to the goal he scored, he also had a share in the opponent’s two hits.

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In a 2:3 goal, Logan Brown fired over the Slovak defender, and Ivan Barbashev’s equalizing goal fell at the start of the third half by eliminating Cernak. He was ordered to sit on the bench at the end of the second part of the match for a high stick. On victory, Lewis finally decided Ryan O’Reilly on the raids.