January 28, 2022

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Manchester United – Rangnick’s statement will not satisfy Christian Ronald

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With the arrival of German Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United, star Christian Ronald has received a lot of attention. It is expected that one of the candidates will have to make concessions. Which is doubtful for both of them.

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Nora’s Training Mission Olehu Gunnar Solskjaer Old Trafford is a thing of the past. His assistant took over temporarily Michael CarrickWho will lead United in the 14th round of the English Premier League against Arsenal and then take over the German Ralph Rangnick.

The well-known football expert who helped build Hoffenheim or RB Leipzig in the past aims to make a comeback Manchester United On the winning journey and fighting for the best results by the end of the summer, as long as he has a valid contract as head coach.

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Ralph Rangnick.

Source: SITA

Ronaldo? Too old and expensive

The big challenge for Rangnick will not only be to stabilize Manchester’s results, but also to deal with all the football stars who are in United’s current squad. The biggest, undoubtedly, is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, which a 63-year-old German noticed a few years ago was too old and expensive for him.

It was still in 2016, that is, at the time when he led the RB Leipzig team. When asked who would like to join his team, Ronald, or Argentine Lionel Messi, Rangnick, according to the portal Math bible replied: “It would be ridiculous to imagine that he could work with them here. They are both very old and very expensive.” At the time, both players were five years younger than today.

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Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi and Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: TASR

That is why a lot of attention is focused on Ronald’s head, whether he will be able to work in the system of Ralph Rangnick. It is usual for him that he needs very strong and dynamic football with a great attack from his team. Rangnick is considered the “father” of the so-called “pressure”. The team tries to recover it as quickly as possible after losing the ball as quickly as possible, rather than withdrawing to a safe defensive shell.

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Ralph Rangnick

Source: Reuters

Someone’s going to have to compromise, Rangnick doesn’t

According to the former English footballer and national team player Daniho Mills This will make Ronaldo difficult under the Germans. “It would be really fun because Ralph Rangnick likes to be able to control the whole club. We saw what he managed to build with Leipzig from scratch. He was not only responsible for training, but also for the further development of the club. Mills explained in an interview with Gate that everything was as he said football inside.

“It will be interesting to see how he handles everything, including stimulating his big ego players. He loves to play with high pressure and he loves when his team gets the ball back in the shortest possible time. How does Cristiano Ronaldo fit into this system?” asks the 44-year-old former right-hand man.

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France Football editor-in-chief Cristiano Ronaldo accused: This is unacceptable…

“Someone will have to compromise, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this in Rangnick before. We all know Ronaldo is a great goal machine, but if we look at what is best for the team, he will still be interesting and dynamic,” The former player claims Leeds United or Manchester City.