January 19, 2022

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The trainer from the online courses from Horna Dolna was supposed to ring the death knell, but the ministry does not act - Boris Melsna

The trainer from the online courses from Horna Dolna was supposed to ring the death knell, but the ministry does not act – Boris Melsna





On top of that, would you like to have your teeth treated by a dentist with a good diploma from online training in Madagascar hanging in front of the surgery? Of course printed in gold and signed by the effective coach?

Realize that in many areas, teaching online for two days will make you an expert. Or maybe not. The work that revolves around different cycles, thanks to which each person becomes the best financial advisor, fortune teller, real estate agent or huge computer expert. However, trying to replace formal education in secondary schools and universities with a few hours behind the computer is practically impossible in some professions and activities, and is often harmful.

This also happens in sports. You pay for an unlimited LLC in the Panama Islands or Seychelles and take an online course. And you proudly declare that you are a coach.

Just practice!

But the Slovak laws will not abandon it. As of January 1, 2016, the standards for the coaching profession have been significantly tightened and at the same time special standards for the professionalism of coaches have been marked.

Education to acquire the professional competence of a coach is provided only by a university that has study programs in sports or arts teaching and teaching subjects, as well as by a high school sports school or a national sports association in cooperation with a college said the university.

All other professional competence documents, issued before January 1, 2016, are valid until December of this year at the latest. What does this mean in practice? For example, the basic qualification level of a coach can be obtained outside of secondary or higher education only by completing professional training offered by the National Sports Association in cooperation with the university.

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In other words: if you come across a coach who does not have a related high school or university, and whose professional competence is not held by the National Society through his training (which he organizes in cooperation with the chosen university), then you already know that he is not a coach. Order it right away to train with Fer from Horná Dolná, the result will be the same.

Unfortunately, we are already seeing how prepared the country is to force this change. The Ministry has introduced the Sports Information System, which also includes a register of natural persons in sports. If the sports expert is part of a sports federation, registration for him is made by the federation. Of course, he knows when and when, and especially under what title the coach has his professionalism. He is also responsible for the data in the register before the Ministry.

However, a completely different situation occurs when a person declares that he is not a member of any union. Then the Ministry itself registers it. How does the ministry work?

It will enroll you in the registry even without having to prove the professional competence required by law! Yes, also on the basis of a beautiful color certificate from the online course!

It also has an impact on business. For a sports professional to obtain a business license, he or she must be previously registered with the Register of Natural Persons in Sports as a sports expert. Based on the amendment of Law No. 440/2015 Cole. With regard to sports and amendments to certain laws, as amended, as of January 1, 2020, it is possible to register a commercial license, suspend a business or terminate a business in the field of sports only through the District Office.

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And he does it based on what? However, you will check if the candidate is registered in the Sports Information System. It no longer checks on the basis of which coach the future entrepreneur was entered into the registry. And out of nowhere, there is a properly registered coach in the world with a state seal.

Kochorkovo, who was originally supposed to ban the new law, continues..