January 22, 2022

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Bojnice responded to construction in the city, and provided development fees

Bojnice responded to construction in the city, and provided development fees

Bojnice, Dec 1 (TASR) – Builders will pay local development fees for new buildings in Bojnice from next year. The amount of the rate is set by the local government in the minimum, which follows from the law. By collecting fees, it responds, among other things, to the city’s massive construction work.

Development fees are regulated by a generally binding regulation (VZN), which has already been adopted by city representatives. They have dealt with Al Qaeda several times. At their last meeting in late November, they agreed to an update that also sets fee rates. “According to the law, we have completed the appendix in which the rates are established. We have the entire cadastral area of ​​Bojnice and Dubnis there,” said Claudia Bartkova, head of the Finance Department of the Municipal Office in Bojnes.

According to her, the fee rates are neither high nor disproportionate. “By law, prices range from three to 35 euros, and we have an average of about ten euros,” I explained.

Builders pay ten euros per square meter for housing construction and five euros per square meter for building agricultural production, water management or greenhouses. The city has set the industrial building and construction rate used for storage, including buildings for its management, at ten euros per square metre, and the construction rate for other business or profitable activities at 15 euros per square metre. For other constructions, builders pay ten euros per square meter.

“VZN on local development fees has been in effect since next year. What was discussed and controversial for a long time was just an addendum to the tax, what is its price and in what local locations. The base price is ten euros for Bojnice and Dubnice cadastre.” This was mentioned by Antonia Kovashova Besova, city deputy and initiator of the levy. At the same time, the deputy announced that if changes are resolved in the future, then the VZN can be modified.

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The development fee proceeds will be used by the City in accordance with the relevant law. Specifically, he wants to use the money to invest in childcare facilities, schools and other facilities, social housing, medical facilities, parks and road infrastructure or to mitigate the effects of climate change. The city must register the funds separately.