January 28, 2022

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The Medical Chamber invites doctors to verify the validity of their commercial licenses

The Medical Chamber invites doctors to verify the validity of their commercial licenses

Due to administrative errors, many general and specialist outpatient clinics may have been omitted from the commercial register.

The Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK) noted this, noting that providers often do not even know that a deletion has occurred. Doctors are urged to verify the validity of their trade licenses.

“In practice, this means that the outpatient clinic, the provider, can no longer provide health care to its patients. The problem is that the provider usually doesn’t discover this fact or just learns by mistake.” Patients are screened on the basis that they have a valid work permit,” SLK spokeswoman Nancy Zavodska said:

The Chamber warned that the doctor was thus exposed to unnecessary problems and possible penalties.

Since October, in accordance with the Commercial Code, companies have removed from the commercial register without prior notice companies that have not complied with the obligation to convert the nominal value of deposits and the nominal value of capital from Slovak currency into euros since 2009.

This has also affected companies that operate medical facilities.
SLK understands the need to comply with the law, but is convinced that in the current crisis situation, the approach of state institutions, especially in the case of doctors’ clinics, can be more appropriate.

“Instead of imminent penalties, it may be enough to communicate more in advance and not throw the doctors, who often run ambulances, records under their feet, with the last physical and financial strength.” Závodská stated.

The situation is also criticized by the Human Rights Council outside Parliament, which calls on Minister of Justice Maria Kulikova to take adequate responsibility for the fact that, due to the ministry’s fault, functioning medical facilities ended due to an official bureaucratic error.

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“Some people call us, for example, saying that they came to turn off the water or electricity to the waterworks during the ordination, because they no longer existed as a company.” said the movement’s head Milan Majersky.

He argues that this is the result of inept political activity, associated with raising bureaucracy above reality.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Justice informed that representatives of companies who believe their company was unjustifiably removed from the commercial registry last month can contact it at the email address [email protected] by December 3.