January 28, 2022

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Spotify has published dedicated statistics for 2021. Find out which music or podcasts you listened to

Spotify has published dedicated statistics for 2021. Find out which music or podcasts you listened to

Depending on the mood of the songs you listened to, you’ll also find out what your musical aura is.



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A year later, the music streaming platform Spotify once again comes with a personalized stat for its users called 2021 Wrapped. The feature summarizes the music or podcasts you’ve listened to the most in the past year, and in a sophisticated graphical interface that changes every year, it lets you share it with your friends.

Thanks to Wrapped, you can find out, for example, what songs have been most listened to, artist, album, podcast, genre of music or movie soundtrack. Plus, you’ll get to know how many minutes you’ve spent listening to music over the past year or what your musical aura is based on the mood of the songs you’ve listened to.

Source: Spotify

There is nothing difficult to run the job. In the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet, sign in to your account, then go to the Home section on the bottom menu, and tap the logo. for the last year.

If you are a user of the competitive streaming platform Apple Music, don’t be sad. You can view the stats overview for 2021 via the Apple Music Replay 21 function. However, you will not find custom data in the app, but on the page replay.music.apple.comWhere you must first sign in with your Apple account.

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However, in the case of Apple Music, the stats are a bit lower. The developers of the company did not pay much attention to the graphic aspect of the report this year either, and the data here is also poor. You’ll only know the most listened to artists, songs and albums, including the hours you’ve listened to. However, you won’t find podcast listening statistics here.

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