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Certain! Steam Deck will not have any exclusivity

Certain! Steam Deck will not have any exclusivity

December 1, 2021 Marek Jarosh

Not that anyone is waiting for them, but it’s nice to be in a good position.

Steam Deck is a console/laptop that many gamers are looking forward to. The device was supposed to be released these days, but eventually Steam delayed it until February 2022. That’s why the developers at Valva postponed the development Half life 3 Lateral – to be able to complete the Steam Deck on time.

However, if you read our article on Half-Life 3, you must have noticed that Half-Life is mentioned in the title of the work Castle. According to original reports, this title was to be developed exclusively for Steam Deck, but that’s not true. Steam Deck will not have any exclusivity.

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At least that’s what Valve herself said. When asked if its laptop will be an exclusive, the company answered clearly: “No, that doesn’t make sense to us. It’s a PC, and you should be able to play PC-like games on it.”

In other words, once someone on Steam releases a game, you should be able to play it on your desktop, laptop, or Steam Deck without discrimination.

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