November 28, 2021

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Smash Brothers director Masahiro Sakurai has purchased an Xbox Series X.

Smash Brothers director Masahiro Sakurai has purchased an Xbox Series X.

Sakurai caught our attention yesterday Share a picture of a horse ridingAnd now he’s back on social media, this time to buy an Xbox!

Yes, that’s right – Director Super Smash Brothers Ultimate He’s finally got the latest and most powerful Xbox Series X console from Microsoft. Sakurai loves games in general – so it’s no surprise that he’s added the latest Xbox to his gaming system. Nintendo Switch Playstation 5.

Here is the approximate Google translation of the answer on the official Xbox Twitter account:

“A year after its release, I finally bought it!” He may have coronavirus, but it’s still hard to get gaming devices.”

Xbox celebrates its 20th anniversary, i.e. finally It seems to be getting some attention in the Japanese gaming market – thanks to GamePass and xCloud, it can be played on many devices. Xbox Series X | Company S is doing very well in this field.

Just this week, it was confirmed that total Xbox Series X sales | They’ve already surpassed the total lifetime Xbox One sales. As mentioned on the sister site Pure XboxMicrosoft’s new systems replace approximately 116,119 units annually, compared to 114,726 Xbox One units about seven and a half years later.

Xbox confirmed Japan has become the organization’s fastest growing marketAnd the protection of Japanese alliances and Japanese games for its services – Xbox is watching because it wants to expand its reach in the region.

endless halo The platform will launch on December 8, so Sakurai is ready for it. Does he have any other suggestions? do you have xbox Leave a comment below.

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