January 22, 2022

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Gorgeous bungalow living! An airy and glazed house as the perfect embodiment of living in nature

“Home is supposed to feel like a good vacation spot.” This is the motto of the architects from the KUNC Architects studio. Their latest project fully supports it. From the photos of the Lhota family home in North Bohemia, you can already feel the atmosphere of well-being, relaxation and the wonderful connection with nature from a distance. The use of sandstone—both outdoors and indoors—is powerful, not just symbolic. What is even more remarkable is the combination of large stone and glass spaces.

Architects Michel Konec and Peter Tissau were contacted by the owner of a beautiful plot of land in an area of ​​pine forests and sandpits.

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“We found the client because we design and build airy, ventilated glass huts. We don’t view them as architecture, we live outside, in the garden, in nature, of which we are an integral part. And he had and still has a great place to live. Offer to make as much wood as possible and tall pine trees and build a house so you can enter the garden from anywhere inside. To erase the difference between what’s inside and what’s outside” Explain the authors of the project.

The picture was not of paramount importance, the atmosphere is more important

There are not many buildings that combine indoors and outdoors as intensely as the glass bungalow in Lhota. The architects managed to get down to the last detail and managed to create a flowy, airy and very bright space.

The stone wall separates the ‘public’ part, the technical areas and the visitors part which has its own entrance from the ‘private’ part of the living space and the private part which is reserved for the owners of the house only. Source: Peter Fabo

Nature is also inside, and living spaces are also outside. They achieved a remarkable result of their work – their discussions of the form of the building were not primarily about architecture, but were tuned in to how the house would function, what the atmosphere would be, the emotions, and how it would be lived in. They commend the work with the client, who wanted a ground floor, easy-to-use, barrier-free apartment house with a large living space. They describe it in one word: synergy.

Living room with large stone wall and elegant lamps

The building intensively connects the interior and the exterior. Source: Peter Fabo

Sand, stones, pines, lots of glass and skylights

At first glance, we were drawn to the use of materials that characterize the entire project, both inside and out. The creators of the project emphasized the genius of the place, the fact that there are pits of sand, sand and stones in the entire area. Large pieces of sandstone used for the facades come from a nearby quarry. The stone wall runs from the inside to the outside, strengthening the connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Wooden shelf design wall with books and personal belongings

The use of materials throughout the building is impressive. Source: Peter Fabo

Likewise, a dotted wooden wall separates the private part of the house. The large aluminum windows and flat roof with overlapping sunscreens helped greatly to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Interior skylights illuminate and create a play with moving tree shades.

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The stone wall separates the public from the private

What does the layout look like? The principle of placing single rooms creates a visual cross. This means that two main lines of light and vista pass through the house. The stone wall separates the ‘public’ part, the technical areas and the visitors part which has its own entrance from the ‘private’ part of the living space and the private part which is reserved for the owners of the house only. This private area consists of a “hotel apartment” – master bathroom, bedroom, dressing room and sauna with access to the garden. Thanks to this division, the design separates the part of the house facing the street from the private part facing the garden.

Ground floor glass bungalow with terrace and seating area

The large aluminum windows and flat roof with sun visors greatly help blur the boundaries between interior and exterior. Source: Peter Fabo

It would not be possible without quality experts

“Although the implementation of the house was relatively complicated in detail, everything went well. The clients belong to a small percentage of investors who did not experience any complications of any kind during construction. They were fortunate to have reliable professionals. The project is detailed In detail, to which great construction oversight was added, and the builder’s company and skilled builder were impeccable. From the point of view of our architects, this house has thus far succeeded in the best embodiment of our idea of ​​garden living, outdoors,” Added by Michel Konk.

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Family House Lhota

Architectural studio: ATELIER KUNC Architects, sro

Authors: Michel Konk, Peter Tessar, Team AKA

Venue: Lhota, Czech Republic

Built up area: 424 m2

Useful area: 344 m2

Realization: 2021

Sabina Zavarska

Photo: Peter Fabo