December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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We will not publish the division of hospitals until after the municipal elections

A week ago, the Speaker of Parliament, Boris Kolar, said that we are a family that will not support hospital reform even at the expense of not belonging to a coalition. The head of the Health Ministry’s reform department, Oscar Dvorak, says he doesn’t understand the critics because the coalition council approved the reform. They wouldn’t go to government without it.

He explains in the interview:

  • Which hospitals will you give birth and which will you have a heart attack and where will you treat your broken arm,
  • Whether the state buys Bory Hospital from Penta or builds Rázsochy,
  • Why not fix the network of specialists,
  • on which they relied in their repair.

The government approved the reform proposal without the support of the “We are a family” party, and now the law will pass to Parliament. Will the reform move to Parliament?

There is a better chance that he will pass it. The motive is mainly European money, which will greatly help with approval. At the same time, I feel internally that there is still room for reform work in this government.

MP Tomáš Valášek (on behalf of PS) posted a photo with you, writing that, as an unlisted member, he will support the reform after you show him how to work. Are you now going to unrelated members and looking for votes?

I’m not a political bot, I leave that to the politicians. But when it comes to asking the Ministry of Health for an expert explanation of the reform, my job is to give politicians the best possible decision-making and make sure the reform is prepared as professionally as possible.

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But you were behind Tomasz Walchek.

Yes, he asked me if I could explain the reform to him in more detail, which yielded a favorable opinion.

Have you visited other clubs and members of the European Parliament?

Yes really. Consultations on the reform continued for about a year. The past few weeks have been a lot clearer, but we’ve explained it to many members as well as in clubs.

Last week, We Are Family Chairman Boris Kollar visited several hospitals and said they would not support reform with this wording and it could also mean their end in the coalition. You expected such a strong statement from the alliance

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