December 2, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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A huge magnetic tunnel around the Earth? The new study offers an intriguing solution to a long-standing puzzle

For decades, astronomers have been observing mysterious structures in the sky that have no explanation. Someone showed up recently and it’s really cool.

Astronomer Jennifer West, of the University of Toronto, sees the two regions, the Arctic and the Fan Zone, lying on either side of the sky, Connected by an extensive system of magnetic fibers. The gate writes that this forms a tunnel-like structure Science alert.

“If we looked up at the sky and saw radio light, we would see the tunnel in every direction,” Jennifer West says.

We have known about the aforementioned two structures since the 1960s, but until recently they had no explanation. It was a problem for astronomers to find out How far do you actually fall? Estimates ranged from hundreds to several thousand light-years away. However, no theory has emerged that combines them into one large structure.

Jennifer West, with her colleagues, showed two regions on opposite sides of the sky Can be connected using powerful radio loops. Their simulations show what the sky would look like in the radio spectrum if two different regions of our sky were connected by magnetic fibres. In the simulation, they also played with the distance of the structures.

The results indicated that the pair of structures could be 350 light-years away from the Solar System. Their results are in line with some estimates. The tunnel created by connecting them should be a thousand light-years long.

The astronomers’ model is consistent with the broad range of observed characteristics of the arctic promontory and fan regions. their shape, polarization of electromagnetic radiation and proportional to their brightness.

“It’s really cool work. When I first heard about this theory, I wasn’t convinced. It sounded pretty wild, but Jennifer managed to convince me. Now I’m really curious about how the scientific community will accept this discovery,” said astronomer Brian Gensler.

How do magnetic fields behave in our cosmic environment?

However, the work of astronomers is far from over. They need more observations to confirm this finding. If their efforts are successful, they may help solve another of the great cosmic mysteries Formation and evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies. At the same time, they can better understand other magnetic structures that have been discovered around our Milky Way.

“Magnetic fields do not exist alone, they have to be interconnected. Thus, the next step will be to figure out how this magnetic tunnel connects with the larger magnetic field, the galactic, but also with the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth,” explains Jennifer West.

Finally, scientists add that they are intrigued Presence magnetic structures wherever they look. In any case, it will be interesting to see what astronomers can discover next.

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