January 28, 2022

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VYHADZOV: The Czech actor is studying at school... His student packs!

VYHADZOV: The Czech actor is studying at school… His student packs!

Philip Ragmont is a trained actor and began teaching at DAMU himself. There, however, he became close to his student and future colleague Ivan Lupetek. “We met when I was trying to find out how important it was for Philip. That’s enough, they say, a rag to the face. The actor was training for the game, I came there as a professional assistant. I enjoyed it, but I shouldn’t, so I left. So they fired me, but I can say I left, it looks better, ” Laugh at the situation in 7 Hunza Dedek Falls over time.

Source: Prima TV

Ivan Lopetek

Source: CT

Although he had to finish school, the relationship continued. The actors lived together for 7 years.

According to Rejmont, he had practically only two relationships in his life. Of course, accidental infidelity doesn’t count there. “The first is with my current boss, Daniel Abenaar. He is strict and even stricter to me. The relationship seemed kind, and then I spoiled him, for example, so he brought it back to me at work. The other with Evan “ Revealed to Prima TV cameras.

However, in the past he has also entered into a registered partnership. But not out of love … When director Vladimir Dharha fell ill with cancer, Philip took care of him as a close friend. And in order to handle matters for him and receive information from doctors, they were registered as life partners.

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