January 28, 2022

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A planet ten times larger than Jupiter has discovered a pair of massive stars orbiting around it

Scientists have discovered a massive planet orbiting a massive pair of super-hot stars, an atmosphere that was previously thought to be too inhospitable for a planet to form.

A research article published on Wednesday in Science Magazine He said that the discovery of a planet called “B Centauri (ab) b” or “B Centauri b” refuted the prevailing belief among astronomers.

“So far, no planet has been observed around a star three times larger than the Sun,” wrote the European Southern Observatory, which photographed the planet with its Very Large Telescope (VLT) in the Chilean desert.

Astronomy at Stockholm University “This planet is completely changing the image of massive stars as a host,” said study director Marcus Jansson.

Located at the center of the solar system in the constellation Centaurus, the “B” binary is extremely massive and hot. It emits large amounts of high-energy ultraviolet and X-rays, which “have a strong effect on the surrounding gas, which should act against planetary formation,” according to ESO.

“B-type stars are generally considered to be a fairly destructive and dangerous environment, so it was thought that it should be very difficult to create large planets around them,” Jensen said in a press release.

“It’s a harsh environment where extreme radiation dominates, where everything is massive: the stars are bigger, the planets are bigger, the distances are bigger.”

Gayatri Vishwanath, PhD student at Stockholm University

The discovery of the planet was described in July and officially published Wednesday in Nature, with the researchers saying that “the results indicate that the planet is found in much more massive star systems than would be expected from extrapolation from previous results.”

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Newly Discovered B Centauri (AB) b It is a planet outside the solar system, is a planet outside our solar system and is “10 times larger than Jupiter, making it one of the most massive planets ever found,” ESO wrote.

“It’s an alien world in an environment very different from what we experience here on Earth and in our solar system,” co-author Gayatri Viswanath, a doctoral student at Stockholm University, said in a press release.

“It is a harsh environment, dominated by intense radiation, where everything is enormous: the stars are large, the planets are large, the distances are large,” Viswanath wrote.

Its orbit is “one of the widest ever discovered”, with the distance between Jupiter and the Sun 100 times greater than what ESO wrote. “Such a large distance from the central pair of stars could be the key to the planet’s existence.”

Scientists said the ESO image published this month is the first image of the planet since it was identified, B Centauri (AB) b shown, but not recognized in previous telescope shots.

In an email to NBC News, Jenson said the discovery prompted him to expand a better study of 85 similar stars.

“We will try to gain more telescope time for extended surveys and to survey all telescope archives of all single high-mass stars that may have been observed in the past,” Jensen wrote.

“I think the search for high-mass stars in this region will intensify, to discover and characterize planets, learn about their components, and get more details.” “