January 28, 2022

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Krištof with four assists, super talent scored record goals

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We give you a regular overview of the performance of Slovak hockey players in the world’s most popular competitions (excluding the NHL). We focus on top representatives in developed Europe and abroad. However, do not forget about our talents from the junior competitions. This time we watched the matches from December 1-7.

Slovak week on foreign ice

Parisa Nur-Sultan’s striker, Tomas Uro, was more interested in the KHL squad. He scored a goal and an assist but especially a penalty until the end of the match. In the match with Kazana, he was introduced by a line referee, who was inadvertently shocked by the Guru. Immediately after that, he gave him a good cross. He received a personal penalty for attacking the referee and the competition from distance punished him for a one-on-one duel.

Goalkeeper Julius Hodacek started in the Riga jersey in two matches. He defeated 32 of his 34 shots against Serpovic, but Dynamo lost after overtime. A duel with Omsk caught from the 47th minute, he got one goal from six attempts. “Emotions are mixed, we lose a lot of matches. At the same time, these are not unequivocal losses, decisions are made in the last minutes. We play most of the fencing well, keep score,” He evaluated Hudáček in an interview for our diary.

Defender Michal Chajkowski had the most productive week, scoring three points in the same number of duels in a Novosibirsk shirt. He had a balance of 1 + 1 against Kchun-lun (win 7: 2), Sochi scored the first goal (2: 1).

PAN 1. Star, hot hor

In Northern Europe, two other teenagers made their mark: 17-year-old Juraj Slavkovsky scored his first goal in history as the youngest Slovakian and foreigner in history, in the Finnish league. 16-year-old Dalibor Dvorsko also scored the premiere in Sweden’s second-highest hockey league. He converted two attempts in the penalty shootout raid, including the winner, which awarded him a goal. The fifth youngest shooter overall and also the first foreigner, he took Czech David Pastrňák to score.

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After returning to the AHL, Richard Pánik decided to match with Utica (3:2 pp). He also added the assist for extra interference and was declared the number one star of the match. Martin Pospecial also works well. Currently, the only Slovak on a Calgary farm has scored two points in three duels and at the same time the first fight of the season. His opponent was Turkish-born defender Nik Cicek of San Jose Barracuda.

Striker Samuel Solinsky witnessed his first two NCAA University game. Bemidji State University scored the same number of hits in his career in competition (42 matches). Protea University St. Thomas won twice with two shots.

Kristoff with an important goal and assists

The most productive Slovakian in the Czech Republic was Michal Krzysztof, who scored five points in three matches. He had a special duel with Kladno, where he scored four goals in a Comet 5:2 win. He scored an important opening goal from the escape against Olomouc (2:0). “I wanted to shoot between my legs, but I missed the ball a little bit and finally got happy in the goal. I am happy, but I am especially looking forward to the victory that we needed.” Krištof told the Brno club’s website.

Liberal defender Michel Evan scored two goals in two matches. He pushed against Brno (2:4) and Vitkovic (4:3AM). The 22-year-old midfielder has three minute hits a season, but so far he hasn’t been helped.

chrome in photographic model

Martin Krumiak has a payback form ahead of the World Junior Championships, which is good news. He has scored in the last four games in a row. In the three weeks under review, the Kingston striker scored five goals.

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Jakub Demek also benefits from excellent shape. The Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) striker extended the points streak to 14 games. “I have a lot of space and play up front with hockey players who might be in the NHL in a year. The boys know how to score and pass, which is what I draw from as well,” Demick said humbly in our diary. He has four points from the last two matches (2 + 2).

In the emerging Swede, striker Marcel Stefansek scored one goal and four assists in three duels. In addition to the Canadian, he also had the same number of bonus points.

Glossary of the week

Michal Kretov (Brno / Czech Republic, second place)

guard of the week

Julius Hodke (Riga/KHL, 1st place)

Still waiting for the first victory of the Latvian team. Hudáček held his team in a match against erepovec for a long time, neutralizing 32 of 34 shots. Dynamo eventually lost after separate raids. An experienced goalkeeper was also captured by the ice. He decides to help sick children and auctions off his mask through the Good Angel charity. The whole amount will go to a good cause.

defender of the week

Michal Tchaikovsky (Novosibirsk / KHL, III)

He beat goalkeeper Kchun-Lun with a real “bomb” from the extension and scored the 100th point in the KHL. Later, when he won 7:2, he also scored the assist. The 29-year-old midfielder had a productive week, adding two goals against the Chinese club and adding one for Sochi.

Striker of the week

Michal Kretov (Brno / Czech Republic, second place)

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He starred mainly with four assists against Kladno (5:2), but also scored an important goal for Olomouc. In a separate escape, he slipped the disc and happily beat the opponent’s goalkeeper. Kristof moved from Finland, and he does well in the Komet. “You can feel happy and play well in the cabin and on the ice,” Disciple reports of Nitra.

Beginning of the week

Martin Kromiak (Kingston/OHL, 2.)

He’s scored in the last four games, he’s scored in the last five. Kingston striker Martin Krumiak is in perfect condition ahead of the start of the World Under-20 Championship. He sank both Ottawa and Oshawa with two goals, as he asserted himself against Peterborough.

Noticeable: The number after the player in parentheses means the number of times he won a prize in the division