January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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What would it look like if women “stared” at men. The exhibition in Jilina deals with issues of feminism and gender roles

This is not the first time that the Považská Art Gallery in جيلilina has focused on gender issues in art. In 1996, a famous exhibition was held here woman modelFive years later, post-feminist themes have been given space in the exhibition in time).

Now feminist and post-feminist themes are represented by the works of local authors and one author in the exhibition nice strength. It was made available in June and will be on show for the next 3-4 years. “I wanted this exhibition to be a continuation of what the exhibition had done in the past,” says curator Mira Sikorova-Butisova, who is also the gallery director.

The main theme of the current exhibition is gender, and the main category for selecting works represented was Gallery Zilina’s gallery group, 1989’s Medium category. “Art, like society, has undergone a transformation. For me, devoting myself to the ’90s means dedicating myself to the year of transformation,” she says. Sikorova Putishova.

The exhibited works are from the PGU Group. Photo – Richard Koehler
Photo – Richard Koehler
Installation by Ladislav Čarný. Photo – Richard Koehler

Three carrier lines

The main theme of the exhibition was gender issues, which at the end of the last century began to dominate emancipation themes. “We cannot settle the gender category into a division between a man and a woman.

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