November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Hospital without Agatha! Actress Anna Novakova disappears from the series, and another role awaits her – from the screen and behind her – a cocktail

Agáta Jánošová won audiences as a young doctor in the Hospital series. Actress Anna Novakova is used to a white coat and plays her character with gusto. She will miss filming more, because she will get a break.


Actress Anna Novakova as Doctor Agáta Jánošová in the series Hospital.

The story got into the introductory part and has the sympathy of the audience on its side – “Agata” is friendly, professional and beautiful … How to play such an “ideal” character of the actress? And how does the doctor see the series from his point of view? Anna Novakova described that “Agatha has a strong life story and bears the subject of untreated trauma, which makes her an internally lopsided person,” adding that this gives her space in front of the cameras for many, often contradictory, acting situations. “I am looking forward to it not being a simplistic type of character, but a complex and unpredictable character. I love it more and play it with gusto.”

Actress Anna Novakova as Dr. Agata ...

Actress Anna Novakova.

Tense situations, threatening diagnoses, struggle for life… all of this comes through scenes from the hospital environment. To appear trustworthy, serial doctors need to feel confident in front of the cameras. “This is perhaps the most difficult challenge in the medical chain – to give the impression of mastery in medical procedures,” Novakova admits. Filming lessons in this environment have already taught the actress something. According to her, she will be able to provide first aid at an almost professional level. “We’ve been doing this a lot, so maybe I’ve gained some practice, which I’m looking forward to.” “Although I was interested in individual cases during filming, they were only written into my short-term memory.”

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Agatha paused, touching Bran

Serial Agáta is a workaholic who lives for the sake of the hospital or patients nonstop… How is the actress? Can she classify herself as that? “I think if circumstances developed differently in my life, and if my career path was more clear and I moved from one project to another right after school, I would be able to be a workaholic. But my career was somewhat of a sinusoid, so I had room for other things. in life and also to strengthen myself in value, ”described Novakova.

Actress Anna Novakova as Dr. Agata ... Photo: JOJ

Actress Anna Novakova Actress Anna Novakova as Doctor Agata Janosova in the series Hospital and co-star David Ozak (as Doctor Prato Srinchik in the series Hospital).

He enjoys the time spent in front of the camera, but at the same time he is happy that he can fully work with his family. Together with her husband, they raise a two-year-old daughter, Esther, who will soon be joined by a sister. “I consider my family to have great happiness and a gift of life. It suits me well to be able to work in two different environments.” However, she does not set strict boundaries between work and privacy and openly admits that she will be lacking in postpartum photography. “My job is basically my biggest hobby so I will definitely miss it. Twice as in the case of the Hospital series, where I really enjoyed filming also because of the fun and very creative atmosphere that prevailed on the screen.” Leaves back to the cameras open for now. “My return depends on several factors that I do not have in my hands. It is also a difference between taking a short-term project that has a beginning and an end compared to a long-term project, such as a hospital.”

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How did the scriptwriters deal with the fate of the Doctor of the Serial in connection with the pregnancy of the actress? When the character of Agatha became very popular, the creators hesitated for a long time how to continue to maneuver with her. “The result may surprise the audience, but they will have to wait for what happens to Agate. I can only reveal that Agatha’s fate will affect Bran in particular,” he explains vaguely.

Actress Anna Novakova will soon become ... Photo: JOJ

Actress Anna Novakova Actress Anna Novakova will soon become a double mother.

Banillac Memories

The beginnings of Anna Nováková’s series are linked to another long-running JOJ television project, Panelák. How do you remember this period years ago? “When I think of a project, the atmosphere in which it is created appears first. It is important for me to be vacant, which is what I consider the basis of the creative process. Then I can open up to a project, enjoy my work, do it to the fullest and try to get the most out of it. It was the same in Banlac as in the hospital, so I have fond memories of the series.”

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When it comes to choosing soap operas in her spare time, the actress does not look for those who belong to the medical environment, but rather to psychological dramas, in which she also focuses on the careful drawing of characters. And I have acting performances.” End.

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