December 9, 2021

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The mystery of the Hungarian “triads” solved after 8 years: how did they form?

Astronomers have failed to solve the mystery of “triads” – three identical hairy galaxies at the edge of the universe. It was discovered in 2013 by astronomer Timothy Hamilton, while analyzing data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Initially, Hamilton discovered only two galaxies, as the portal wrote Live Science. He was fascinated that they were the same shape, and when he looked at them closely, he found that they were truly identical. As he watched the third, he realized what he was looking at. The triplets were an apparent result This is called a gravitational lens. If light from a certain object passes next to an object with great gravitational force, its path is bent. As a result, an enlarged or distorted image of the background object is created.

However, a mystery remained what created the gravitational lens.

“I was shocked when I discovered the galaxy. At first I thought they were two different galaxies interacting somehow. It didn’t quite suit me, but I didn’t know what to think either,” explains Hamilton.

What created the clones of the galaxy?

Eight years after discovering the triplets, they finally came to a satisfactory explanation. The gravitational lens that created three images of a distant galaxyConsists of a huge collection of dark matter. With its gravitational force, it bent the path of the galaxy’s light, which was behind the dark matter. This mysterious substance is another unsolved cosmic mystery. Dark matter is an invisible substance that affects things around it.

At the moment, scientists have no idea what dark matter is. But they know it is there, depending on how the beings around it behave. Even scientists theorized about it Dark matter can keep galaxies buried.

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The gravitational lens theory comes from Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to him, gravity is not an unknown force that holds things together, but our understanding of how spacetime bends in the presence of matter and energy. At the same time, curved spacetime dictates matter and energy as they move.

In the case of the triplets, the light came from an unknown galaxy and hit a huge pile of invisible dark matter. As it curved spacetime, it caused the light to travel not in a straight line, but in the form of an arc, and it went out in three different places. As a result, three complete copies of one galaxy were created.

Scientists tried to better understand the “three” galaxies they were looking at. The simulations showed that for what they were looking for to form, dark matter had to be smoothly distributed across a group of multiple galaxies. As a result, they were able to obtain more information about How dark matter is decaying across our universe.

Scientists know that too Dark matter must be some form of matter. But since they can’t describe the particle it’s made of, they can’t even describe its behavior. The only known piece of information about dark matter is that it must have its own weight and can be affected by gravity.

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