December 9, 2021

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1. The government has approved next year’s budget, and universities will have to lay off jobs

government last week approve the budget Next year. The budget has yet to pass through Parliament, where there is room for amendments. So the final version may be different in the end. However, let’s look at the expenditures, as well as savings, that the government has prepared for the education field for the coming year.

The Minister of Finance announced that the education system will improve by 459 million euros. This is the difference between the total spending on education, science, research and sports, planned for 2022 and planned for 2021. Therefore, strictly speaking, the amount reflects not only increased spending on education, but also on other areas related to education. Not directly related. Let’s try to take a closer look at education spending.

The budget for regional education should increase by 285.4 million and for higher education by 60.6 million euros. From the point of view of education, administrative expenses are also partially relevant, which should increase by 16.8 million, and other expenditures from European funds, which should increase by 81.7 million euros.

In the case of regional education, the increase is mainly due to resources from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of €343 million. The money should go to promoting the integration of socially and medically disadvantaged children into education, expanding the capacity of kindergartens or reforming the curriculum. Although this is an important investment, this spending is not surprising and is provided to us by the European Union for repair. At the same time, there is a risk that we will be able to fully use this money.

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Apart from these resources, we no longer find any significant additional funding in the regional education budget. Funding for the contribution to the upbringing and education of children in kindergarten should be increased by 10.9 million euros, in connection with the mandatory introduction of kindergarten for five-year-olds. Additional resources were allocated to the activities of professional organizations in the field of vocational education (0.22 million) and pregnancy grants for secondary school students (0.20 million).

Interesting is the decrease in non-standard expenses, which finance, for example, outdoor schools, ski courses, teaching assistants, contribute to a free kindergarten, expenses for pupils from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, accidents, textbooks and the like. The negative difference is 87.7 million euros. This is due to the fact that this year 100 million euros have been allocated to increase the motivation of faculty members and support the interest of future teachers to work in regional education. It is not clear what the Ministry of Education ultimately used this money for, but it could not have been for the original purpose.

However, it is clear from the budget that these funds are no longer foreseen for the next year. The amount has not decreased by €100 million, as this expenditure also includes the aforementioned increase in the kindergarten contribution of €10.9 million. As a result, it is clearly not possible to expect an increase in funding for teaching assistants or textbooks, for example, although this would be necessary.

It should also be noted that the state budget does not provide for an increase in normative expenditures, on the contrary, it should decrease despite the increase in the number of pupils. This credit is intended to cover the wages of school staff and the operation of schools. In other words, schools should not receive anything extra in the form of next year’s standard. At the same time operating standards Has not increased for several yearsThis is causing a shortage of funds in more schools.

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