November 28, 2021

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84 million years ago, our Earth “turned over” What could be the cause?

Our Earth may have overturned several million years ago. The mystery so far lies in how it tilts and whether it is the only case of deflection, writes Gate Science alert.

Our planet deviated from the poles not only once, but several different events can occur, during which the poles of the Earth deviate. A new study finds evidence of this, too One of our poles deviations probably occurred about 84 million years ago.

The declination of the Earth’s poles is referred to as A real polar vander It is the rotation of the outer layers of the planet relative to its axis of rotation.

Researchers analyzed limestone traces from Italy, which date back to the Cretaceous period (Editor’s note: This period began 100 million years ago). Scientists have been looking for changes in magnetic properties that can occur during the deviation of the Earth’s poles.

Scientists have discovered traces of bacterial fossils that formed packets of a mineral called magnetite. This is the evidence he can bring The most compelling evidence is when the Earth’s poles shifted.

“Our research provides the largest evidence to date of Earth’s pole deflection and challenges theories that our planet’s poles have been relatively stable over the past 100 million years,” the new paper said.

Swimming on a liquid heart

our land It consists of a solid inner core and a fused outer core. This is followed by the Earth’s mantle and Earth’s crust. Earth’s mantle and crust slowly “float” on top of the molten outer core. At the same time, the outer core creates a magnetic field that is recorded in the rocks.

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When the poles of the Earth shift, the geographic pole of the planet changes. In essence, the Earth’s outer shell is “changing”. Apart from this shift, nothing changes in the magnetic field, However, the rocks record other information.

The information obtained from the limestone allows to determine the distance between the north and south geographic poles. If scientists find vertical lines in the rock, this means that the poles were exactly on the poles, While the horizontal lines indicate that the poles were at the equator.

“Imagine a view of Earth from space. A true polar vander will show you as the Earth turns on its side. In essence, it’s anyway—the solid mantle and bark spinning on the liquid outer core,” explains geologist Joe Kirschvink.

The study proved that About 84 million years ago, our planet’s poles shifted by about 12 degrees. It was an aberration that was corrected very quickly – over the next five million years. But during this period, Italy, along with the entire northern hemisphere, moved closer to the equator.

Previous research claimed that the Earth’s poles did not deviate during the Cretaceous period. However, scientists claim that there has not been enough geological records yet, on the basis of which accurate conclusions can be drawn.

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