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New Istropolis Investor Finally Withdraws - Trade & Business - Business News

New Istropolis Investor Finally Withdraws – Trade & Business – Business News

The investor of the Nový Istropolis project, the company Immocap, has finally agreed to the conditions of the Bratislava-Nové Mesto region, which insist on the unconditional preservation of culture in this place. The investor will build a new cultural and social hall for at least 1,650 visitors seated in the first phase of the construction of the Nový Istropolis – if it does not happen, he will pay a fine of 5 million euros.

26.11.2021 00:00

The investor finally committed to abide by this basic condition by signing a contract with the city district. “Negotiations have been very difficult, we have sent the draft agreement with the comments that there were other comments – again and again, but I am happy to finally reach a fair and transparent agreement. From the beginning, we say that a building with a public function cannot disappear without compensation. Maintain On the heart of the Council of Trade Unions or its reconstruction, the Stropolis, the great cultural hall, was our case from which we could not undo.For us, the key is also the commitment of the investor to its construction, regardless of whether it receives support from the state budget or from European funds. Yes, in the case of a subsidy, the whole of Slovakia can have a great cultural center, as is usually the case in the Czech Republic, Poland or Hungary, but we should not depend on how the government sleeps.From the beginning, we ask that we not lose the largest cultural hall of Slovakia, It is the large Istropolis hall in Trnavský mýto with approximately 1,150 seats, “ Novi Mesto Mayor Rudolf Couso said.

In addition, the investor signed other pledges:

  • preserves and reuses valuable items of the original labor guilds (such as stained glass by graphic artist and painter Milan Dubisch, ceramic engravings by Juraj Marth, Zodiac by Imrich Vanek, fountains at the House of Technology, outdoor lamps, and flagpoles),
  • Preserving the public space of people on its territory and allowing the city area to participate in planning its appearance and use in order to create a new center in the new city of Bratislava,
  • invest in the inner blocks (Vajnorská Street, Škultétyho Street), which will be affected the most by the construction of Nový Istropolis, so that people living in the immediate vicinity have a more pleasant environment,
  • construction of pedestrian walkways so that, after the possible implementation of the Filiálka Railway Station, its seamless integration into the transport hub of Trnavský mýto,
  • It will rebuild not only its territory, but also public spaces within the Šancová / Vajnorská / Škultétyho / Kukučínova district, including green spaces, sidewalks and bike paths,
  • builds a public nursery for the people of Novomešans as part of her project with a suitable public space,
  • Preserves precious trees – deciduous trees and enforces them with expert supervision and city district,
  • He will preserve the external and internal marble, and if he is not able to use it in the project, he will deliver it free of charge to a public institution in Bratislava,
  • The city district will provide for 1 euro per year all free parking spaces (unused or not contracted) in the car park in front of the original Istropolis streets of Šancova and Kukučínova, but at least 50 places for a period of one year with the possibility of extension by agreement of the parties.
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The current Istropolis building was built in the 1980s in Trnavský mýto. In its place has been the palace of Count Berchtold since the first half of the nineteenth century. The palace was demolished due to the construction of the Trade Union Council. Only a few historical photographs from the outside have been preserved.

The Council of Trade Unions was a palace of conferences for the leaders of the communist regime. After 1989, it was union property. Years ago, the Novomestská Autonomous Government attempted to purchase Istropolis from trade unions in order to maintain a cultural center not only in Bratislava, but of national importance. The unions did not agree at the time.

“Let’s face it. In recent years, the guilds have left Esteropolis largely destroyed. Unfortunately, the semi-social environment we see outside has also been on the inside. Not only did the technologies not meet today’s standards, they were in a disastrous state,” he notes. Mayor Rudolf Couso. When the unions sold Istropolis to a private investor in 2017, the terms of the sale and purchase amount were not disclosed anywhere. “It is inconceivable that the state allowed unions to sell the property of which our fathers and grandfathers consist of mandatory union contributions. And it is inconceivable that we do not ask where the money is,” Cosso recalls, where, unfortunately, the city of Astropolis was a half-dead building long before it was sold by the trade unions.

The vast majority of his interiors did not serve the culture or the public. “Unless we really mean clothing stores or thrift banks. There used to be a Wüstenrot theater, but most of Istropolis no longer serves anyone or anything.” Mayor Koso stressed. So he sees the current situation as an opportunity that, after years of decay, is possible to bring this place back to life and culture.

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