January 29, 2022

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World Cup – Skiing: Results of the day Petra Velhova – Round two of the Slalom Slalom in Killington

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Slovakian skier Petra Vlova finished second in the World Cup slalom race on Sunday. In the city of Killington, USA, it was not enough for local star Mikael Shiffrin, who was a hundred seconds behind her.

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Shiffrin celebrated her 46th World Championship slalom victory, which compared to Ingmar Stenmark in the number of victories in a single field, the legendary Swedish slalom champion has achieved 46 championships. Swiss Wendy Holdener took third place (+0.83).

After two victories at Levi’s, Flova had to settle into the slalom with a second place finish this time. She is still high in Killington, where she has only been surpassed for the fourth time by Shiffrin. The Slovak has already reached the 48th podium at the World Championships, in which she took second place fifteen times (22-15-11). This season she has been on the podium in all the four competitions she started (2-1-1).

After bad weather on Saturday, which caused the mega slalom to be called off, there was a gust of wind with freezing temperatures in Killington on Sunday and nothing prevented the competition. Vlhová set off on the track first, riding the big globe defender with confidence, comfort and no major issues. After the first round, she settled into the lead by twenty more than Shiffrin.

Michaela Schiffrin

Source: Reuters

And the Bavarian American did not avoid hesitation, in the third game she was half a second behind, until she accelerated to the bottom and reduced the loss. The third was Swiss Wendy Holder, who trailed Vlhová by 0.58 seconds. Other competitors have already lost more than a second, the defending young globetrotter, Austrian Katarina Linsberger consistently takes fifth place (+1.24).

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The second round track was built by Slovakian Matej Gemza, one of Vlhová’s coaches. The weather worsened, it began to snow, and in addition to the visibility, the mat gradually deteriorated. Liensberger attacked from fifth, who made it to the front with a successful ride. Nemka Lena Dürrová was not enough for her, Nemka finished the podium this time after two thirds in Levi. Compared to the first round, Holdner added power, reaching the finish line with green numbers while also ensuring a podium finish.

Shiffrin took off sharply, not even a mistake at the top when it reached the turn. With a dynamic ride, she clearly got in front and threw the Vlhová gauntlet. She made a huge mistake after the first split, when her sled almost crossed and almost stopped. The next time she lost 83 hundredths, but she was able to focus quickly, she managed the incline and the bottom very well and kept at least second place.

Results of the women’s slalom slalom at Killington

1. Michaela Shivrinova (USA) 1:38.33 min.

2. Petra VLHOVÁ (SR) +0.75 seconds

3. Wendy Holdener (CHE) +0.83

4. Katharina Liensberger (AUT) +1.41

5. Lena Dürrová (Nem.) +1.55.35

6. Sarah Hector (Sweden) +1.85.005

7. Paula Molzanova (USA) +2.13

8. Maria Therese Tviberg (NOR) +2.15

9. Anna Swain-Larson (Switzerland) +2.39

10. Andrea Slokarova (Slovenia) +2.55

World Cup overall standings (after 5 out of 37 competitions)

1. Shiffrin 360

2. VLHOVÁ 340

3 – Slokarova 210

4 – Dorrova 201

5- Lensberger 187

6- Hectorova 158

zig-zag order (3 of 9)

1. VLHOVÁ 280

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2- Shiffrin 260

3- Dorrova 165

4- Holdenrova 146

5- Lensberger 122

6. Michel Jessen (Switzerland) 101

Mikaela Shiffrin will also make a living as a footballer: