January 29, 2022

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The Slovak National Museum is preparing for the third phase of restoration of the Spis Castle

They are currently carrying out the second stage of the reconstruction at the Spij Castle, but the Slovak National Museum (SNM) is already preparing for the next stage.

During a recent inspection of the building, SNM Director Branislav Banes stated that the outcome of the pre-project and project phase would be a comprehensively reconstructed area of ​​the upper courtyard, including all mansion spaces located there.

The third phase will also include the eastern palaces, including the rehabilitation of the gate under this part of the upper courtyard. Also planned were the foundations of a large circular apartment tower, the rectangular foundations of a Roman building called a cistern, and the walking areas of this courtyard.

The third stage will also include a Roman fort, there are preserved objects of torsional architecture and a Romanesque entrance gate.

In addition to the comprehensive reconstruction of the Romanesque and Western Palaces, which began in June, the SNM-Spiš Museum in Levoča has also carried out minor alterations and renovations this year.

According to the director of the museum, Maria Novotna, they clearly improved the state of the architecture and the exterior of the castle. “Before the summer season, we did archaeological research at our own expense, and then a pavement was built in the Romanesque fortress.

There was also a rehabilitation of dilapidated construction, the so-called director explained the cost of this work in the amount of more than 240 thousand euros from his own resources. In addition, he provided periodic monitoring of the castle architecture statistics.

“Architect Magdalena Yanovska, author of the project documents and feasibility study, wisely initially divided the entire castle into buildings. Accordingly, the Romanesque palace, western palaces and part of the upper courtyard are part of the current reconstruction,” adding that work on the second stage will continue until September 2024 approx.

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The first phase of the reconstruction, which was intended to complete and implement the distribution of engineering networks in the upper yard, was successfully completed by SNM last year.

Part of the work was the restoration of the captain’s house, the so-called gate of the Thurzuf Renaissance and the rehabilitation of the castle under the western palaces. The first phase required approximately one million euros, in the case of the second phase of recovery, a reinvestment of approximately 4.8 million euros is planned.