December 2, 2021

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The Employers' Union asks MPs not to approve the Labor Law as it was submitted

The Employers’ Union asks MPs not to approve the Labor Law as it was submitted

The Association of Confederations and Confederations of Employers of the Slovak Republic (AZZZ) is asking MPs to reconsider the draft amendment to the Labor Code and not approve it in the form submitted. This is hindered by the fact that an amendment to the law would increase the cost of meals for employees who eat in canteens and those who use meal vouchers or food cards.

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Fears of high prices and bureaucracy

Agreeing to amend the Labor Law means that Meals over €2.81 will be taxed, after a new meal, and will also negatively affect the amount of subscriptions. So employees will have to pay more for their hot lunch. The rise in lunch prices will be exacerbated by the gradual rise in food and energy prices and the cost of staff retention in the equipment sector.

Labor Law Amendment According to AZZZ It also did not meet the expectations of the promised reduction in management. On the contrary, the extension of meal forms and the agenda relating to the possible transition between the various forms of meals to which employees are entitled once a year, It will significantly increase the economic agenda of companies.

Wide spread in the cost of meals that Also applies to canteens, will also complicate employers’ use of this Utilizing the traditional employee as an employee incentive.

They demand the preparation of a quality adjustment

“We demand that a quality adjustment be prepared for it Take into account the interests of both employers and employees We call for extending the transitional period until the end of 2022 so that all actors have Reasonable time to prepare operations,” writes AZZZ in his opinion.

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Tax deductible item of €2.81 for lunch It is unfortunately low today, according to the association It is by the state more formal. “Instead of the advertised and much promised state support for employers and employees during the pandemic,” this adjustment brings in practice the following: The state will increase the cost of meals for employees to save on them‘ concludes the assembly.