December 2, 2021

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Tipos Extraliga – HK Spišská Nová Ves – HK Dukla Trenčín Match Score

Yesterday 20:44

Newcomer Tipsport Extraliga, HK Spieska Nova Ves, defeated Dukla Trenchen 5:2 on Friday, sealing a three-goal win in the last period.

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HK Spisska Nova Ves – HK Dukla Trencin 5:2 (0:1, 2:1, 3:0)

Objectives: 21. Cerny (Atwal), 27. Chauvin (Cerny, Koro), 42. Chesanek (Dogan, 54. Koro, 57. Halama – 2. Minarek, 37. Pokochik (Mexica, Kudla).

They made the decisions: Tolerated, Trip – Stanzel, Bogdan, exclusion:7:6, electricity wires: 0: 1, double: 0: 0, 1000 spectators


face: Melcherk – Atwal, Romac, Grek, Ordzhovensky, Petgrave, Malina, Cezanek, Chovan – Cerny, Hamrachik, Teksinsky – Jake, Olignik, Tomala – Orbeko, Koro, Utrauch, Dujak,

Trenchin: Valent – Lemcke, Crinon, Stránský, Urban, Mayor, Kudla, Nemčík, E. Švec – J. Švec, Tybor, Bezúch – Krajčovič, Minárik, Valach – Mikyska, Honzek, Beták – Krajč, Rehuš, Paukovek

The home team took a 1 – 0 lead after 2 minutes, thanks to a breakthrough by Minárik, who unaided from the right flanked the ball over the visitors’ goalkeeper. After the goal, the home team took the initiative, got a good chance, but goalkeeper Valent was vigilant.

The second period began with the home power game, which they did not use, and then Černý tied at a 1:1 ratio after an Atual pass. In the 30th minute, the guests had the opportunity to use the strong play of the players for 101 seconds, but they did not score. Paukovček managed to equalize from another power game. The game tightened and increased from both sides.

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At the beginning of the third half, the host team scored the lead goal. With a bad pass, the home team seized the disc and Koro took the opportunity to offer it. In the 4th minute, the guests almost equalized the score after Hallam advanced through the middle, but his kick went wide of the goal.


Spišská Nova Ves . coach Miroslav Musnar: “The players were determined from the start to have a balanced fight with a tough opponent. We were worried that the second third of 2:1 pushed us into the game we said before the match. It took longer for the boys to realize that another lucky trench. Our luck. We still have to work on the discipline of the game.”

Yan Bardawi, Trenchen coach: “We had a good start, and then we started kicking flaws in the defense. After the equalizer and then after the home team’s main goal, our players showed indecision. It was our worst performance this season.”