December 2, 2021

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Sony wants to sue the company that sells PlayStation 5 side covers

The PlayStation 5 comes with a white removable cover, which not everyone may like. other colors Japanese manufacturer Not sell, but third parties have taken this role. One of them is Dbrand.

Debrand It is, in particular, abroad, one of the most famous manufacturers of accessories, thanks to which the customer can customize the appearance of his smartphone, tablet, computer or console to his liking.

It provides a large number of skins of different colors and textures, which the customer can easily order for a specific type of device and then glue them manually according to the attached instructions.

Dbrand also sells smartphone covers or goggles, including a PlayStation 5 exterior panel in black and a feel inspired by PlayStation icons. It is aptly called – Darkplate. However, you will not find this product in the company’s online store anymore.

Photo: Dbrand

Dbrand removed him from his show after receiving a prior litigation notice from a Japanese producer, tip informuje. According to him, the Darkplate cover imitates the protected design of Sony Interactive Entertainment as well as the look of the PlayStation icons.

He therefore calls for the immediate and permanent cessation of sales as well as the cessation of all promotional activities related to the Darkplate product.

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Dbrand also owes its market push to its relatively original marketing. This was also demonstrated earlier this year, when the company launched Darkplate covers. When that happened, Dbrand called on Sony to sue them. It is clear that the Japanese manufacturer has taken the challenge seriously.

This isn’t the first time Sony has threatened legal action. focused Also on the PlateStation5 online store, which was supposed to later cancel all orders and refund customers. However, the online store was later renamed CustomizeMyPlates It sells unofficial covers on PS5.

Dbrand on the challenge answered in a post On the Reddit community forum. It contains exactly 1666 words. It appears that he does not agree with Sony’s claims. “We have decided to comply with the terrorists’ demands…so far,” the article said.

The PS5 cover can be removed without much effort, making it easier to access the console’s internal components. But it may also indicate that Sony is preparing to sell its original versions of external panels. Finally, it has already launched DualSense drivers in black and red.

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