December 9, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Industrial space, thoughtful food and tempting drinks. In Werk’s new gourmet concept, you won’t know what you’ll taste sooner

It has been in poor condition for many years, and now it has come back to life again. Yurkowicz heating station It is a national cultural monument and, under the hands of specialists, has become a place connecting the past with the future. The iconic building on Čulenova Street is one of the few historical buildings that have been salvaged in Slovakia. He’s currently getting a second chance as Multipurpose space with an industrial touch, so you can definitely look forward to a new, attractive and well-thought-out place for the culture and gastronomy of Bratislava.

The heating station in Jurkovič includes, among other things, an inspiring co-working space, a multifunctional hall, a gallery of modern art, as well as a new gastronomic concept. a job. Everyone can be found in this concept. It does not matter if you want to have a good breakfast with friends, are looking for a place for a business lunch or are looking for work where you can have an excellent drink in the evening. Business would be the right choice. It is a space where you can work during the day and have fun and dance in the evening. From Thursday to Saturday, there will also be DJs.

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I’m in Manhattan

You will find different types of seating, an open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared, and a bar visible from every side of the establishment. With mood lighting, you’ll enjoy the perfect ambiance day and night. Heating plant, but also the same a job in favourites industrial style, while the building’s surroundings are strikingly reminiscent of the New York environment Manhattan. When you see it there, you will clearly understand that Bratislava is starting to look different from what you are used to. They control this part of the city Sky Park with Jurkovi . heating station, but also newly opened negative. Downtown Bratislava So it definitely becomes the center of events.

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Stuffed pie, eggs and porridge

What foods and drinks can you eat? and stoop to have fun? We don’t even know where to start. On the breakfast You can submit just about anything you can think of. They bake fresh pastries daily in their bakery and prepare different types of spreads. The menu includes an avocado sandwich, stuffed focaccia, omelettes, and pancakes. You remember your childhood with semolina porridge, and if you are a vegetarian, then oatmeal with almond milk is waiting for you. In short, they have thought of everything. Also for poached eggs, butter croissants, and homemade chocolate bread. We assume you won’t even know what you taste first.

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However, you will encounter a similar enjoyable problem with other meals. You will have a variety of small and large dishes to choose from, and you will also be irresistible sweets.

If you like something smaller, you can have falafel, grilled goat cheese, shrimp, beef tartare, or Hokkaido cream. However, if you feel more hungry, you can enjoy risotto, spaghetti, colorful salads or halloumi burger. We should definitely mention the grilled pork belly, salmon with cauliflower puree and quality beef steak.

Exquisite drinks and tempting desserts

And even if you’re guaranteed to be full after the main meal, we think you can’t resist the last one sweet pointWhich can be, for example, panna cotta nougat, gingerbread in chocolate or apple tartlet.

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At Werk you can refresh with creatively blended fermented lemonade, fresh fruit juices or iced tea. On the other hand, if you need to warm up, you will find high-quality tea, irresistible hot chocolate and, of course, selected first-class coffee, which they will prepare for you just the way you want it. variety show Alcoholic drinks excite every party or habit of an unusual evening at Werk.

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You can sample the entire menu, enjoy the exceptional atmosphere and learn about this week’s unique gastronomic concept. a job opened Wednesday, October 20 He waits for your first visit to charm you. You can find more information in their instagram account Tweet embed or on Facebook workrestaurant.

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