October 23, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Design solution for a long hall with a fragmented design

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Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

People say that a first impression can only happen once. I think, figuratively speaking, this also applies to the corridor. If it is beautiful – it represents us, if it is practical – it serves us. The combination of the two makes us happy.

Area: 8.4 square meters


Several years ago, Jean’s mother and stepfather have been rebuilding a large family home on their own. Since their three children also live with them, the housewife wants her to have a functional hall with a clean and tidy impression. Insufficient and temporary equipment and almost permanent clutter of things and shoes must be arranged everywhere, but especially the storage space can be practically, aesthetically and quickly solved!

An elegant and discreet space is what you want. So far, nothing has been found in the stores that would satisfy the functional needs of a family of five and at the same time fit into a relatively fragmented space.

The problem was the behavior

Longer than a wider corridor, with a relatively low ceiling, full of slots, niches and jumps in the walls, after repeated attempts in the facility in order to use its fullest potential it finally required the intervention of a well-grounded expert.

The rugged hall in the family home

Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

The solution

Suggestion author: Viera Henczeová – Interior designer, pegasstudio.sk

A large floor-to-ceiling wardrobe really makes room for each family member’s belongings. It will also be used to store bags, suitcases, seasonal accessories or children’s sports equipment. Despite the fact that it is the largest piece of furniture in the hallway, it does not burden the space in any way, thanks to the materials chosen. On the contrary, the wooden shelf part inserted into the side of the cabinet makes the whole entrance space beautifully private, and after decorating, it is also convenient.

Depict the hallway with white furniture and open shelves

Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

Rectangular entrance area, long enough but not too wide, with window and door in each wall, really needed solutions and furniture designed to suit special needs and ideas for full functional use.

Floor plan of a broken corridor in a family home

Floor plan for corridor 2.1 x 4 m² Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

Three children equal a lot of shoes, scarves, in short, everything … In order to achieve the desired impression, open shelves for shoes, but also storage of uppers, I designed so that they are hidden from view from the door. (project author)

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How the narrow hall became a light and airy space

Mirrors in the hallway are essential. In addition to our service for a final examination of our appearance just before leaving the house, the entrance area, which is often small, dark and without a window, will visually expand and brighten the room. Flowers, wallpaper, ceramics and decorations complete the impression.

Hallway with wallpaper, open shelves, white furniture and a stool

Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

Seating space in the hallway is just as important as the coat hanger. Especially if there are children or elderly people in the house. If the cabinet or chest of drawers for storing keys, small things, shoe creams or shoes hang on the wall, you can easily wash under it, so the arrangement will be easier for you.

Entrance area with bench, mirror and open storage spaces

Zdroj: Studio Pegasus

Although the hallway space is often separated from the rest of the apartment, the fact is that it is part of the interior, and therefore the equipment of this room should visually follow the design prevailing under the ceiling. So, keep the same elegant line when it comes to lighting, paintings, and physical decorations as well.


Text: Christina Valanova
Photo: Spring Studio
Source: Pekné bývanie 09/2021