October 22, 2021

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Tensions between Taiwan and China can be reduced: Beijing has already sent 150 military aircraft over the island

Tensions between Taiwan and China can be reduced: Beijing has already sent 150 military aircraft over the island

China considers Taiwan part of its territory, and Taiwan has been complaining for a year about the frequent disruption of its airspace by Chinese aircraft. The most common accidents occur on the Prata Islands, where Taiwan has an air base and is located about 400 kilometers southwest of Taiwan.

On the second day in a row, Chinese military aircraft violated Taiwan’s airspace

Since Friday, when China celebrated the National Day, there has been a significant increase in overflights. On Friday, Beijing sent two groups of its aircraft, on Saturday, 39. And on Monday, 34 fighters and H-6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear bombs targeted Taiwan.

On Sunday, the United States called on China to stop “provocative” military activities near Taiwan. Also, on Monday, the US Department of Defense announced, in response to China’s disruption of the Taiwan region, that the increasingly intensive Chinese military activities around Taiwan threaten the stability of the region. “Our commitment to Taiwan is strong” Reuters quoted a statement from the ministry.

China’s Foreign Ministry said yesterday in response to a US declaration that Washington should stop supporting separatist forces seeking independence for Taiwan. The ministry also warned that Beijing would take all necessary measures to suppress any plots seeking independence for the island.

Zdroj: SITA / UK Ministry of Defense via AP

Are they testing attacks on American ships?

Taiwan regards China’s actions as a test of its air forces. A security source quoted by Reuters said he believed the Chinese could test attacks on US aircraft carriers.

The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has been in the South China Sea since the end of September. The Japanese Ministry of Defense announced that this ship and the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson participated in international maneuvers in the waters near Okinawa. The United States has a large base in this region northeast of Taiwan.

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Reuters is also putting yesterday’s air incident in a possible link with events in Japan, where new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida took office. The Japanese Ministry of Defense has not commented on this.

China considers Taiwan a part of it and threatens to intervene militarily if it declares independence. However, Taiwan has been de facto independent since 1949, with its own government and democratic institution, while China’s one-party system continues.