December 9, 2021

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The Great Train Robbery: A Story Based on True Events

The Great Train Robbery: A Story Based on True Events

Lindini Publishing is currently publishing one of the best stories by famous Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton, The Great Train Robbery. The novel, based on real events, became one of the bestsellers of 1975, received many awards, and was subsequently successfully filmed with the star duo Sean Connery – Donald Sutherland in the main roles. It was translated into Slovak by František Kôpka.

Rainy London in the middle of the nineteenth century. While some bathe in generous wealth, others roam in hateful dirt and misery. A mysterious gentleman moves quite easily between the two parties. Edward Pierce, a wealthy, gentle, and resourceful man in his thirties, targets those who don’t want to be upset, while the crime of the century unfolds. Who would have thought that a gentleman from a better society could have imagined such a daring robbery?

A story based on facts

Brilliantly told and thrilling story Crichton is built on real facts. During the robbery in 1855, they stole more than a hundred kilograms of gold from a train bound for London to Folkestone, the current market price of which is about one million pounds sterling. The novel is loosely inspired by this crime, and Michael Crichton proves to be a brilliant author of thrilling adventure stories that captivate readers with an unprecedented plot and have no choice but to devour his books in one breath.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if bookstores started selling his books in bargain bundles with a hammock and jug of refrigerated daiquiri,” he said. They wrote in The New York Times and compared Great Train Robbery to the cult film Podraz with Paul Newman and Robert Redford: “It is a copy of a nineteenth century nation. Dazzling!” The Los Angeles Times also enthusiastically evaluated the book: “Great fun. A clever and literal work written with grace and intelligence.

World famous author of Jurassic Park

After years of pursuit of the book, Michael Crichton himself stated that when he accessed information about the said theft, he was most interested in the following: “I told myself that if I had a good time with them, I wouldn’t be able to afford such luxury that I wouldn’t go into this story any further.” Select the origin of the book and add it with laughter: “By the mid-1800s, no one in the States was interested in that time. Then everyone started writing about the Victorian era. I just started getting emotional and ended up being like fashion.”

Michael Crichton was an internationally acclaimed American writer, screenwriter, and producer, and the recipient of numerous literary, film, and television awards. His most famous novels include Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Tribe, and The Rising Sun. All these novels were also filmed. He has also collaborated on the emergency series and Westworld.

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You can purchase The Great Train Robbery here.

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