December 9, 2021

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Zeman's poor health was a dream for his team.  In the castle they can do whatever they like

Zeman’s poor health was a dream for his team. In the castle they can do whatever they like

According to the attending physicians, the Czech President Milos Zeman is unable to perform his work duties. His health is not likely to improve in the coming weeks.

The new upper house and lower house are likely to activate Article 66 of the Czech constitution in the coming days, and the president’s powers will be transferred to the prime minister and the speaker of the lower house.

The editor-in-chief of the weekly Respekt Erik Tabery commented on the events surrounding Milos Zeman in an interview.

you read:

  • What motives could Milos Zeman’s surroundings have for keeping his health a secret,
  • Why did he receive so many offensive messages while commenting on the situation around the president,
  • What does the situation say about the political culture in the Czech Republic.

Bioethicist Marek Vacha He said, That the situation around Milos Zeman is reminiscent of the practices of the Soviet Union, when the health of political officials was kept secret. Do you agree with such allegations?

Yes really. An attempt to hide from the public what the head of state is doing, so that no one knows whether he is able to make his own decisions, and whether his surroundings do not decide on her behalf, recall these practices. God forbid that we have independent institutions and oversight mechanisms that controlled them, despite their complexity a bit.

It shows how important it is to have high quality hospitals that do not operate on the basis of policies, and at the same time how important it is to have an upper house in Parliament.

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Why did the President’s neighborhood now decide not to inform him of his condition? We knew, for example, that the president had diabetes or that his doctor had prescribed him a diet.

What we have learned so far has not been so serious as to prevent the president from doing his job. For example, we have information that the President she has Prostate as a panic. She was liking us not telling us.

Now the situation is moving in the opposite direction and it is dangerous. We do not know,

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