November 30, 2021

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Strong winds caused problems in the Czech Republic in transportation and energy supply

Strong winds caused problems in the Czech Republic in transportation and energy supply

Strong winds also caused problems in the power supply.

Oct 21, 2021 at 4:32 PM TASR

Prague. Polish media, referring to firefighters, reported that at least four dead and six wounded in Poland, fell in a storm that hit the south and southwest of the country in particular.

Victims were reported from Lower Silesia, but firefighters had to intervene across the country.

One person died after a strong wind swept a pickup truck off the road. The wall of a house under construction collapsed on another – a construction worker – writes to AFP. A tree fell on a car in Wroclaw. Fire service spokesman Karol Kerzkowski told the Polish Press Agency that two people were killed in the accident.

“Falling trees closed roads and railways, and many homes without electricity,” Gazeta Wyborcza wrote on its website.

The Polish Meteorological Service issued a warning of strong winds across Poland except for two regions.

Czech firefighters were also affected

Due to strong winds, firefighters are also intervening in the northeastern Czech Republic. Wind leaves destroyed roofs or shattered trees and complicates traffic. ČT24 reported that a quarter of a million consumers do not have electricity.

Strong winds hit the regions of Karlovy Vary, Usti nad Labem, Central Bohemia, Pilsen and Liberec.

At 13:00, České energetické závody (ČEZ) registered about 260 thousand consumption points without electricity.

“The northwest of the Czech Republic is particularly affected, and the situation in Moravia is much calmer,” said Soca Holingirova, spokeswoman for Is Destropos.

She added that company employees are working in the field to repair the damage caused by fallen trees.

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Also problems with transportation

Problems were also reported by Prague Airport, tram and rail transport. The Prague Transport Corporation reported that public transport operation is limited in several places. Drivers were ordered to run slowly, which could delay trains.

Workers may not bring boarding bridges or stairs at the airport. So passengers stay on board.

In the Usti nad Labem district, the wind has cleared part of the kindergarten roof. According to ČT24, the children and teachers were not in danger and remained in the building.

In the Liberec region, a train with 17 people on board crashed into a tree shortly after noon. According to local firefighters, nothing happened to anyone.

The Czech Meteorological and Hydrological Institute warning of strong winds is in effect until 20:00.

In Slovakia, trains are not late yet

Railway spokeswoman Rhea Vic Aschberger told TASR that trains in Slovakia were not delayed yet due to strong winds.

According to her, the delay so far concerns only the Czech Republic. The wind has not yet affected the movement of trains in Moravia.

According to the social network, the highway running through the territory of Slovakia, going from Berlin, Germany to Hungary, is currently significantly more delayed.