October 23, 2021

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Summer is definitely coming to an end, but summer bike brand Tactic isn’t changing goodbye to summer. The product lines that expanded the Tactic group in recent weeks are as follows:Made in Girona‘Reflective Cycling Kit’signature lights – Let them see you in the dark “and the group”tropical“.

Girona cycling city

Made in Girona Tactic has created cycling apparel in honor of the city where all of their apparel is made. It’s a collection that effortlessly explores the distance between comfort and style. After the first introduction of two colors (khaki and burgundy), they have now expanded the collection with three new refreshing colors – blue, gray and yellow.

Since 1998, Tactic has been producing clothing in the cycling hub of the world, Girona, Spain. Creating a group that celebrates this unique relationship was a logical step. They have focused on creating elegant and timeless pieces. The colors of this collection are inspired by the colorful houses along the Onyar River in central Girona.

Reflective collection style for signature

At night the city turns into a paradise of lights. Our perception will change, emotions will intensify, and a new world will open up. The night demands that you stand out, and the new Signature shirts will let you do just that.

Tactic has launched three new T-shirts from their Signature collection. Reflective and contrasting details draw inspiration from city lights at night. The performance-oriented cycling jersey now ensures they’ll see you even in the dark and with poor visibility.

tropical design

Fresh design inspired by the floral landscape of tropical forests. Long, hot days in the saddle with a refreshing beer at the bar are perfect for this shirt. Its refreshing design is complemented by a chic and delicate color palette, so it’s at home and on the go, as well as at the bar later.

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Summer bike collection tactic sale

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