December 2, 2021

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MEP OĽANO Legalizing Prostitution: For Trade?

MP Tomasz Schudek chose a really hot topic! He wants to open a debate in Parliament about legalizing the oldest profession. “We do not claim that prostitution does not exist in Slovakia. Slovakia is one of the few countries that has not prohibited or allowed prostitution. Unless we address this issue in law, there will always be illegal prostitution and the problems associated with the abuse of women.” claimed. Talk about the portal proposal for the first time News PLUS TV JOJ. “Although I am aware that the subject of prostitution is taboo, it is necessary to think about it. Why can’t people who volunteer for prostitution pay health or social insurance contributions and retirement savings? They do not restrict a person to their activities,” It is to explain.

Ludic believes that the legalization of prostitution will also save money for the state budget. According to him, there are currently about 90 to 100 million euros annually in the sex trade in Slovakia. Thus, nearly 20 million euros of it could go to state coffers. He points to the Netherlands, where prostitution is taxed at 33 percent. “Of course, the minister recorded this in the media, but I did not talk to him about this,” he added. Chudik responded to a question if he had also discussed this issue with Finance Minister Igor Matovich (48). Ludyk’s colleague in parliament Christian Chekovsky (30 years old) appreciates the opening of taboo topics. “It is important to say that no law has been introduced, he just wants to talk more about greater protections for women from rapists, or new revenue for the state budget. Each of us has the right to open a discussion about the problems that exist in society. Especially politicians who should not close their eyes.” It is to explain.

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“The fellows from OĽANO have a knack for solving very ‘basic’ things,” Commented Jana Bittó Cigániková (38), a member of the SaS Club. As she said, she has nothing against the discussion. However, she would prefer to be within a package of legislative changes with topics such as the decriminalization of marijuana or the abortion pill. “Legalizing prostitution is not among the priorities that For People plans to tackle or open” For the People, in his opinion, was waiting for a specific offer.

Mr. Ono’s idea did not receive positive reactions from opposition MPs. “There are more important issues in society that this government has to address. The topic has been taken out by someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the legislation.” Jana Vaľová (56), a Smer-SD member, said control would be virtually impossible. Matisse Schottaj Ischuk, a Hlas-SD non-parliamentary, also has reservations about the MP’s plan. “I am not surprised that Mr. udík wants to legalize prostitution, because many members of the ruling coalition behave in exactly this way. For large parliamentary salaries, they are ready to forget about morals, good morals, all promises to the people and stick to their personal interests at all costs. “ I have inherited.

Political scientist Tomasz Kosiak was again surprised that the proposal came from a member of parliament from the OĽaNO movement club. “It just indicates that OĽaNO is a very broad political entity, in which you can find people like Anna Zábourská with very conservative conservative positions, and on the other hand, we have someone who is willing to solve this problem.” It is to explain. “It is a useless and irrelevant topic at the moment, but there are many of it in Parliament today. It is not surprising that something like this would appear and appear in the OĽaNO club. It is possible that club members would want to appear in this way.” said fellow political scientist Joseph Lino. He added that the issue has no room for approval at the moment. Experts agreed that in Chuddick’s case, determining its total value is unclear. After supporting the conservative abortion law, he opened up the topic of legalizing prostitution.

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What do you think of MP Chudik’s idea to legalize prostitution in Slovakia?