December 9, 2021

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The NFC version of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is finally heading to Europe. Maybe we’ll see him here very soon

a company xiaomi During the September presentation of the global version of the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC It seems to please most European fans. The new version finally brings Support for contactless bracelet payments for our ends tooWhich was one of the most requested features for the vast majority of users. However, after a few weeks of performance, the promise of Xiaomi has become a reality, as the first pieces are already available today The first market in Europe.

The owners from Italy will reach the first pieces

As the gate informs gsmarena.comXiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC Official Sale Launched So far only in the Italian market. The new NFC version of the popular smart bracelet is available as in the official Italian version xiaomi i shopAs well as on the site Amazon Italy for the recommended price 54.99 €.

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Source: Phosphite / Peter Borko

However, NFC is not the only novelty that the improved version of the Mi Smart Band 6. For the first time, European users will be able to Also try the Alexa smart assistant from amazon. Thanks to her, it is possible to communicate with her New built-in microphone. However, we will not receive a voice response with this version of the bracelet, as the assistant can only reply with messages/data displayed on the bracelet screen.

Before buying, be sure to check the list of supported banks

The bracelet is not yet available in our market, but it is clearly only a matter of time before we see it on our sale counters. However, one of the big variables in availability in different European countries is cooperation with banks in individual countries. However, if it is available in our market, then no fan should forget to check the possible list of banks that will support payments with this bracelet. Uses the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Contactless payment system From the company Master Card Credit Card, which could hinder potential support from banks.

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