October 23, 2021

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The Internet operator is suing Netflix: the reason is the popularity of the service. The company has run out of patience after the launch of the Squid game series

Netflix is ​​very popular all over the world and we no longer find people who have no experience using it in many regions of the world. It should also be said that quarter after quarter, the service reports on new users.

However, not everyone wants to see Netflix grow In several areas at a missile pace. However, the last lawsuit that the service will have to face is not from competitors, but from the ISP. Specifically from SK BroadBand. The news portal draws attention to the topic Reuters.com.

ISP says “Netflix is ​​increasing our operating costs”

Most of us expect Netflix to face lawsuits from competitors or the copyright holders of movies or series. In this case, The essence of the suit is the “popularity” of the service. The internet connection provider from South Korea says that Netflix increases operating costs disproportionately. The reason is that it generates a huge load on the network, which affects the costs associated with the operation of the Internet infrastructure.

According to the lawsuit, Netflix’s traffic in South Korea increased by up to 24 times in the past three years from May 2018 to September 2020. But even then, the ISP has put up with that. But this is the latest change. The bitter cup has recently overtaken SK BroadBand. The reason is the series squid game that became successful And it is on its way to becoming not only the most popular Netflix production in South Korea, but all over the world.

However, it seems that the series’ and Netflix’s success as such may come at an additional cost. SK Broadband estimates its losses due to network overuse at about $23 million in 2020 alone. There are many indications that the court may confirm the operator’s findings, as a result of which Netflix can pay a fee to access the Korean network. Just for fun, similar fees are now paid by other foreign companies like Amazon, Apple or Facebook. Interestingly, the two companies with the most traffic – YouTube and Netflix – do not pay such fees.

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