December 9, 2021

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Nitra leaders ask the national team

Today 09:30

Craig Ramsey told the Fed side that he would like to see new faces on the hockey team at the upcoming German Cup. Therefore, the question arises who can be these and who would like to see them from the most conspicuous faces. In four years in the national team, a hundred players have passed through Canadian hands.

The Krefeld tournament creates ideal conditions for training, as it is no longer a limit before the Beijing Winter Olympics. Three matches in four days against teams from the second world series will reveal who has what it takes and who can just skate in our extra league, as we assume more players will travel to Germany from Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

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We will see new faces in the German Cup. He promises that they won’t miss out on the more experienced…

The national team led by Philippe Mishar of Poprad and Marosh Jedlicka of Zvolen will certainly demand his debut with the national team. However, prior to the World Junior Championships, an unwritten rule applies that under-20 acting takes precedence in juniors.

It can be assumed that the duet with Trenčan Samuel Honzek and the already experienced pair of super talent Simon Nemek – Juraj Slafkovský will receive invitations to the “twenties” camp. However, Ramsay has been fascinated by Machar for a long time, and it may be agreed with Evan Vince that he would like to see him among the men.

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At the start of the extra league, Nitra stands out the most. It wouldn’t be surprising if as many as four of their leaders could play in the German Cup. From the first formation, again found shooter Samuel Buček and producer Marek Tvrdoň ask. The most interesting duo of international hockey is Filip Krivošík – Adrián Holešinský, who had a great time with Zobor.

The invitation could also be made to the unexpected shooter Juroz Šiška of Nové Zámky, Slovan Bratislava leader Samuel Takáč, who has not yet played under Ramsey, or Banská Bystrica goalkeeper Filip Belányi. He closed his eyes in preparation for the World Cup, but didn’t stand a big chance yet.

We have many interesting names in Europe. However, it is doubtful that Ramsey will want to go to the first championship of the season. Veteran leaders from recent tournaments will surely be blown away.

However, the youngsters could get bigger roles – Milos Klimen, who jumped to the Czech extra-league at Mladá Boleslav, or the advanced Milos Roman from Šenek, or Brno goalkeeper Mate Tomic. Marco Dato has also been busy shooting and Adam Liska, who was not in the starting line-up for the Olympic qualifiers, may get a chance to improve his position.