October 22, 2021

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Review: WD Black D30 – How Much Will There Be?

Where are the times when interactive software was measured in kilobytes and the average consumer didn’t have to worry about the size of the game you brought home and why are there more floppy disks than socks in the tray? Over time, the size of games, of course, increased, and although it was not possible to talk about any gradual increase in the volume of data in this regard, the perception of gigabytes at the moment is at the kilobyte level. Unless it’s a completely standalone production, getting just about any game you’d expect on your PC or console today automatically means downloading huge packets of data and waiting and waiting. Anyone who does not have a capable internet connection in their home plans solves everything in advance, and this is of course only one side of the coin. The second is the situation when there is not enough space in your gaming device, the moment that the leading manufacturers of external and internal memory are waiting for. One of them is the well-known company Western Digital abroad, which has been trying for years to solve the mentioned obstacles and currently even in the field of the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Installing video games in such described devices has become the subject of passionate discussions, which, of course, can be made by the manufacturers of the devices themselves, who do not want to print larger discs in basic devices, just so that the price is right. Do not exceed the permissible limit. So, if you’re faced with deciding what to delete old content just to download something new, here’s an external SSD game test called WD Black D30.

D30 can successfully work with Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which include not only the old generation, but also the current generation. Therefore, who would like to focus on a compact variant of the external drive when choosing an additional SSD drive, and thus ignore the possibility of an internal SSD (which will be officially launched soon for PlayStation 5 devices), with the purchase of the D30 brings a much wider field of use. There are three official versions on the market, if I did not count the design modifications that refer to the Xbox, which of course change the capacity of the usable space and in the package you will also find a monthly membership to Game Pass Ultimate. We received the “smaller” 500 GB disk (about 120 euros), but those willing to pay more can go for 1 TB (about 180 euros) or up to 2 TB worth more than 300 euros. Once the prices have been accurately determined, what we will say, this is always one of the main arguments in the decision, we can gradually move on to describing the design as such. Western Digital stays true to a kind of emulation of military technology, so this 125-gram weight rod body is knurled, shipping container style, and outfitted with sleek black and white graphics. I was a bit frostbitten, unlike the P50, the entire SSD body is entirely plastic, so I wouldn’t recommend subjecting it to excessive harsh treatment.

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However, I don’t have major reservations about the design itself, as with dimensions of 96mm x 35mm x 58mm, this is a nice thing you won’t have to hide somewhere in the background, just so a potential visit doesn’t start making fun of you. In addition to the disc, the package also includes a long enough USB-C cable and a slightly unnecessary stand to keep it from rolling on the side – I find it superfluous precisely because the edge of the disc is so wide that I can’t imagine the stand should have collapsed.

The manufacturer states that the paper read speed is 900 MB / s, but this is related to the condition of connecting via USB 3.2 second generation. However, if you do not comply with this condition, it will still be a sufficiently fast assistant in terms of read and write speeds. I tested the disc primarily in conjunction with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The disc came with licenses that support playing and storing PS4 games directly from the disc, but for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S games they only got software archives with no direct playability from the disc. disc. Therefore, anyone considering extending an SSD only to play games directly from a larger drive will only need to invest in internal SSDs, or in the case of the Xbox console, in their memory cards. But let’s now get back to what the D30 can do in tandem with next-generation machines. Moving the games you don’t want to delete just so you can download something new is the main point of investing in an SSD designed this way – if you have a PS5 or XSXS at home. I was trying to transfer an average AAA output of about 40GB from console to disk and it took just over eight minutes. The same data packet was transmitted back to the console for about three minutes during the reverting process. The reason for these timelines is the Xbox’s USB connection limit, which only uses first generation input 3.2 in quotes. In direct competition, this situation is similar in reality. To meet the essence of the speed test, an equally important argument before buying, I plugged the D30 into a full USB port, and the aforementioned paper limits rocked the foundations once and for all.

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Western Digital please me again. With the new D30, they are trying their best to help users archive their hard-earned data, regardless of the choice of connected platform. Sure, the disk still needs to be formatted for this device, but that’s the bare minimum. I recommend the D30-branded SSD in this regard as an accessory for PCs, but also for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The drive itself offers general storage, without any additional protection and software. At the same time, although it may not look like that, it does not have any protection against dust and water, so once you take a shower somewhere, you can say goodbye to its functionality in an instant. For the player who does not want or cannot delete the deleted data and wants to archive it (except for PS4 and XOne software that can be played directly from disk), the D30 is a good and compact choice.

Our rating

SSD is decently designed and powerful not only for gamers.


  • compactness
  • the design
  • Speed


  • Not resistant to water and dust
  • For next-generation games, only archive can be

Product information

WD Black D30

WD Black D30 2021

  • category: hard disks
  • an offer: 96 mm
  • Height: 35 mm
  • Depth / Thickness: 58 mm
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • the color: black
  • Informative price: 120 EUR
  • The product to be reviewed was provided by: Western Digital

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