January 21, 2022

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Statements without jagged pathos: Do psej m****e!  The numbers clearly indicate that unvaccinated people have a higher risk of death

Statements without jagged pathos: Do psej m****e! The numbers clearly indicate that unvaccinated people have a higher risk of death

The number of injured, detainees and victims is increasing daily, the third wave is definitely here. However, the number of vaccinated people who have decided to take matters into their own hands and protect themselves is increasing.

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According to data analysts from Data without Pathos, our full vaccination coverage increased by 1.7 percent during the month of September and the spread of the Coronavirus after overcoming the infection by 0.4 percent. “Altogether, as well as 2.1% of the population have received antibodies. Those who overcome are said to be more durable and stronger as well. Congratulations to the survivors” Analysts said.

Source: TASR / DPA

They added that there were no deaths due to vaccination in September. If that happened, each direct death would be 0.001 percent, or a 1 in 92,000 probability, of all who were vaccinated in September. On the contrary, 116 people died of infection.Only at this speed does 116/20000 = 0.58% or 1 out of 172 tested positive come out.1 in 172 and 1 in 92,000 (which didn’t happen) resulted in 534 deaths from Covid infection compared to vaccination. To the Mater dog, ” Analysts explained that these statistics will be relatively stable until the Three Kings in 2022. In order for the statistics to be balanced, 534 people must die in September after vaccination, according to analysts.

Data without jagged pathos:

Source: FB / Data Without Pity

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According to them, mathematics is a simple science, statistics is the science of exact numbers and the others are illusions, offspring, nonsense, or hoaxes. just to understand Data without pity We didn’t want to be there this fall. It’s going to be our first anniversary and we wanted to celebrate it with SELF-CANCELLATION, but it just doesn’t look good. Last year we were at least able to compare Slovakia with Denmark, but already there they crossed out a delta and sent metalwork to hell., “ Data analysts warned that in Portugal, after the population of the country did not want to be vaccinated, they appointed a general, the head of the submarine, who had been at the helm of a submarine that had been underwater for 4 years. Today, 100% of people at risk have been vaccinated and have opened nightclubs. Do you know what is the problem of Slovakia? Well, we don’t have a submarine, ” is over.