October 23, 2021

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Bratislava Capitals wants to be a club for all Slovaks. The matches will be broadcast on a new sports channel

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iClinic Bratislava Capitals hockey club is also entering the new season of the ICE International Hockey League with the aim of participating in the playoffs. The staff has changed significantly compared to the previous year, it was created during preparation and according to the vice president and general manager of the club Dusan Pasek, it has its quality and personality.

The Capitals entered IHL last year and participated in the playoffs in the first season, where they finished in the quarter-finals after losing to later Vice Champion HC Bolzano Foxes 1:4 in matches. So far, their goal is to reach the elimination stage from the competition. However, in the new year, they will have a more difficult role as the number of participants has increased from 11 to 14.

“We are very happy to be able to start the next IHL season. Initially we succeeded when we got to the playoffs, and that was our goal. It is a good league, full of quality teams and players and it will be challenging again. However, we believe we will be able to re-participate in the playoffs, and that is our goal again,” Pasek said at a press conference before Friday’s opener with Italy’s HC Val Pusteria Wolves (7.15 p.m.).

Bratislava FC played six matches in preparation, in which it recorded three victories and three defeats. “We managed to prepare and I think the team has quality and character. We will need to play the team in the league and show our hearts, because we have one of the smallest budgets in the competition. But I am convinced that we did everything inside of it. In order for the team to have quality and character. I think we will give hockey.” attractive and spectators will leave our matches satisfied.” Follow Basic.

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What is the name of the star that has been strengthened by the astral name?

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Nikolai Zerdev

Source: TASR

The staff underwent several changes compared to the previous season. The twenty-eight member group consists of Slovak players, of whom 17 are, complemented by six Canadians, Americans, Swedes, Norwegians and Russians.

“Everyone is in good health, only striker David Levine has minor problems, but they are not long-term. We are completely satisfied with the preparations, we played it well and the players showed us everything we needed. But the league will jump into cold water, no one knows exactly where it is, Nor are we.

Tomorrow we have the first match, we’ll see how it goes and we’ll move on from there. We are a young organization, under development, in the new league for the second year. We know we’re not in a position to scream about headlines. What we’re left with is to build a good team, and I think we’ve succeeded in that with Doosan. We’ll see what it takes. We looked at the playoffs in season one and we want that now,” Technical Director Peter Drysittel said.

Team captain David Bock said all players are already looking forward to the first game: “The cab has been buried since the beginning of the preparations, last year the players came during the season. Now the match came together, we survived difficult training together and it brings us together. The mood before the first game is good and we can’t wait.”

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One of the reinforcements is the Russian striker Nikolai Zerdev. He was a four-time NHL pick in 2003 when he was selected by the Columbus Blue Jackets. He also wore the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL and played a total of 436 games in which he scored 264 Canadian points (116 + 148).

After leaving the country, his career took place in the English Premier League, where he played 408 matches while earning 232 points. He started in two world championships (2009, 2012) in both cases winning the title of world champion. “He is a very humble man for the tournaments he has played in. He trains hard every day and shows the players how professional he is”, Dodal Book.

A club for all knights

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Bratislava capitals

Source: iclinic-capitals.sk

Viewers will be able to watch the Capitals matches at home on the new JOJ Šport channel. “I am very happy that we succeeded in concluding a cooperation with JOJ port, which will broadcast our matches at home and we will be able to present our product to the whole of Slovakia. Negotiations took a long time, but good things are not born easily.” Basik said.

He believes that as many people as possible will find their way into the stadium: “We will be very happy when they come and see good quality hockey. We want to brand ourselves as an all-Slovak club. We are Bratislava Capitals, but we do not compete with any Slovak club. Therefore, we want to be representatives of the whole of Slovakia.” As last year, the club is preparing for various competitions and accompanying events during the matches.

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goalkeepers: Conor Lakoff (Canada), Patrick Litava, Samuel Baruch

Defenders: Brett Carson (Canada), Eric Ragnoha, Luke Singerode (USA), Martin Chauvin, Oliver Vattol, Samuel Jardine (Canada), Samuel Ferreta, Tyler Nunn (USA), Vojtek Zeligak

Attackers: Boris Sadek, David Bondra, David Bok (centre), David Levine (Ezr/Can.), Dennis Hoddick, Jamie Arniel (Can.), Marc-Olivier Roy (Can.), Michel Mrazek, Nikolai Serdev (Ros.), Roman Faith, Thomas Valkvae Olsen (NOR), Tor Immo (Sweden), Lukáš Škvarek, Vladimír Vybíral, Sebastián Žurek, Martin Lachkovi