January 21, 2022

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Millions of euros are pouring into Slovakia from the Orban government: they own a historic mansion, they want to buy arable land!

Millions of euros are pouring into Slovakia from the Orban government: they own a historic mansion, they want to buy arable land!

At the end of February this year Investigation Center Jan Kuciak Together with other investigative journalists, they revealed suspicious financial flows destined not only to Slovakia but also to other countries.

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Through an agency of the Hungarian government – the Gabor Bethlin Foundation, which in 10 years approved up to 140 million euros for entities in Slovakia – they went to cultural organizations, the church, rebuilding schools and kindergartens, but also to – well-known Slovak clubs in southern Slovakia (DAC) Dunajská Streda), or accounts of organizations associated with Hungarian Slovak politicians. According to the center, the record years were exactly those in which the elections took place – in 2016 and 2020, when there were parliamentary elections in Slovakia, and in 2018, when, on the contrary, it was in Hungary.

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According to the gate tvnoviny.sk However, in addition to subsidies, the Hungarian government also owns several Slovak properties. According to the Land Registry, he is the owner of, for example, the historical palace, which until recently was the seat of the Constitutional Court. In addition, they want to create a fund for the purchase of arable land in Central and Eastern Europe, including Slovakia.

Millions are flocking to Slovakia

Source: ICJK

This was also the topic of the joint meeting of the foreign ministers of Slovakia and Hungary – Ivan Korchok and Peter Szijjártóa “We have asked Hungary to implement its government programs that extend into Slovakia or are carried out on our territory, by mutual agreement and agreement.” Korčok confirmed in a joint press conference with Szijjartó. He explained that he would not like it if he learned about some Hungarian activities in Slovakia from the media, and not in an official way. In this context, he also indicated the intention to purchase Slovak arable land.

Millions are flocking to Slovakia

Source: TASR / Milan Kapusta

The head of Hungarian diplomacy answered him traditionally – a diplomat. “We will inform through all possible channels that it is in our interest to strengthen relations between the two countries. We are ready to implement support in such a framework that will be beneficial to both Slovaks in Hungary and Hungarians in Slovakia,” he added. Szijjarto said, adding that they want to ensure complete transparency. According to the gate Pravda The Hungarian government plans to “pump” up to 400 million euros into the fund. If only one seventh of this amount (Hungary is adjacent to seven countries – Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia) will go to the purchase of arable land, at an average price of good credit in Nitra or the Trnava region of about 7 thousand euros will be able to buy up to to 9000 hectares of arable land in Slovakia.

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Millions are flocking to Slovakia

Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

However, Agriculture Minister Samuel Flan has already indicated that Slovakia wants to take certain measures. In the context of good relations, no cross-border support should be given except with the knowledge and consent of the state on whose territory the assistance is coming. I think Hungary will also return to this proper diplomatic practice. We regard the Slovak lands as our national wealth and national heritage, and we will continue to strengthen their legislative protection even in these turbulent times, ” So concluded.