October 23, 2021

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Jokes about Igor Matovich Noyce Press

Jokes about Igor Matovich Noyce Press

When Igor Matovich announced a press conference titled “There were enough lies,” many suspected that Thursday night would be a source of not only concern but also other jokes on the Internet. The former prime minister and current finance minister did not disappoint and devoted his nearly two-hour presentation, which he attended an hour late, to explaining the purchase of Sputnik V, admitting that he had not only read the contract himself, but also attacked scientists, journalists, President Zuzana Shaputova, and especially the director of UKL , Susanna Bachova.

Igor Matovich announced at a press conference after President Zuzana Caputova said on the same day that the reason for the Russian side’s request to return the fifth Sputnik vaccine, This does not mean that the vaccine was tested in Slovakia in an unaccredited laboratoryWhich Matovic said last week was the main reason for the termination of the treaty by the Russians, they reported News.

“I think it is written in the letter itself that there is a reason for not paying the bill. But The real reason is that it is a matter of honor. “When someone tells you about your product around the world, where do you offer it,” Matovic said.

Igor Matovic also stated during the press conference that the Sputnik V vaccine has passed all 14 tests of the Biomedical Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). He added that if he did ŠÚKL We did not question the reputation of the vaccine, we can start vaccinating it “tomorrow”. ŠÚKL concluded that vaccines in 40 countries are only associated with the name, commenting that it was “deliberate damage to the vaccine” and a breach of human trust. “Due to the fact that such a blatant lie, which discredits this vaccine, was launched into the world by the head of ŠÚKL, which basically says that the Russians pack anything in those ampoules and always put only the Sputnik V label there, we have to confirm these results in the Hungarian OMCL laboratory.”

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After this press conference, ŠÚKL stated that Condemns the emotional and political pressure exerted by Finance Minister Igor Matović Against the institute and its director, Susana Bachova and her family. ŠÚKL confirmed that You cannot change the opinion of experts about the vaccine on the basis of public surveys, Pressure from the Finance Minister or threats that his statements in the media are inflammatory from a certain part of society.

Many people who dared to watch the entire press conference said that they got tired of it after it. However, they often noticed that worse than a translator in sign language, That stood next to Matovic for two hours. Internet clowns thought she should at least get a medal for this performance, or that it was a great muscle training. However, the largest number of jokes involved, of course Excessive mention of Susanna Bachova. According to the players of “Matovic Bingo”, this happened 79 times.

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