October 22, 2021

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It’s time to talk about it!

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Football officials in Australia have called on all players, both men and women, to submit formal suggestions if they have been victims of sexual assault or other inappropriate behavior in the football environment in the past.

It is a reaction to the accusations of former actress Lisa de Vana, who played 150 duels for the national team and scored 47 goals. Over time, she remembered that after coming to the national team in 2001 at the age of 17, she was the target of bullying by her older teammates.

De Van said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph in Sydney that several of her teammates dragged her to the floor from behind, while the young footballer at the time was “defending herself by kicking and screaming”. At the club level, this Australian has played in Australia, the United States, England, Sweden and Italy.

“They thought it was fun. I was just a little kid from Perth, I didn’t know anything else. I wanted to hit them then. I didn’t know how to react to something like this. It happens on all levels and it’s time to talk about it. Speak out loud. ” De Van, who was 36, officially ended her career less than two weeks ago.

De Van decided to speak up after the sexual harassment scandal erupted in the United States last week. Two soccer players accused brave North Carolina coach Paul Riley. The case resulted in his firing, and NWSL Competition Commissioner Lisa Bird also resigned.

On Twitter, De Vann agreed with Star Megan Rapinoe’s statement that “Men protect men who abuse women.” It also applies to football, she added “Women protect women who abuse them”, very “Players protect older players who offend younger players” a “Organizations protect the players and so do the coaches who abuse the players.” “Abuse is abuse. Bad behavior is bad across the board!” De Van also said.

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The topic was picked up by the aforementioned diary from Sydney, in which the former footballer said: “It’s a cultural problem on all levels – for both men and women. All the girls who have been through this need to be brave and know that they are not left alone.”

Meanwhile, Australian Football reported that its representatives had met with De Van and heard her complaints, but no specific allegations were made. “If Lisa decides to file a complaint through the appropriate channels, we will be able to investigate and, if necessary, take action. We encourage everyone to do so.” Australian Football League statement.