October 23, 2021

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solve the puzzle! What caused the biggest outage on Facebook yet?

What caused the biggest outage on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp so far?

Monday, October 4, around the clock 17:45An unprecedented catastrophe shook the Internet. The largest social networks, the most popular chat app, and other services have stopped working. And it all took time Until about midnight, which is 6 hours. What really happened and what caused the break? Facebook social networking siteAnd Instagram a WhatsAppu? Will it happen again in the future?

Services that did not work for 6 hours:

  • Facebook social networking site
  • FB messenger
  • FB workplace
  • Instagram
  • The WhatsApp
  • skylight
  • Other Internet services of the company Facebook Inc

Such interruptions are not a situation that can be easily resolved. How do I showed Mark ZuckerbergFacebook chief, such outages are taken “very seriously”. Every minute people can’t access one of their wide range of services means a multinational giant Almost irreparable damage. And talking here is not only about money, but also about user confidence.

Monday break not at all Biggest outage the company has seen since 2008. What actually caused that?

Source: techcrunch.com

Facebook’s official position

More information has already arrived from the nearby IT sector. “I don’t know if we’ve ever had such a failure for a big internet company,” He says Doug Madhuri From Kentik Analytics. “Facebook is almost the entire internet for many,” Madura in an interview with CNN.

big break commented by himself Facebook social networking site, As follows:

“A huge community of people and business people around the world who depend on us: We apologize. We have worked hard to restore access to our apps and services, and are excited to announce that we are back online. Thank you for your patience.”

Facebook understands the gravity of the situation. Everyone apologizes and assures the public that during the outage period Our personal or other sensitive data has not been hacked. The company also explained the reason for the outage:

“Our engineering teams found that configuration changes in critical routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that disrupted traffic. This had a cascading effect on our data center communications, disrupting our services.”

Kryptomena Libra from Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
Source: thenational.ae

When all services started working around midnight of our afternoon, the head of Facebook also commented on the outage. Mark Zuckerberg. wrote it “Knows how much people depend on their services” And for the problems caused Apologizes.

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Will it happen again?

Of course, Facebook will now have something to do to filter public opinion about the reliability of their services. This probably doesn’t really apply to regular Instagram or WhatsApp users, but more importantly Companies that need these channels for business.

What is shocking about the whole situation is the time it took to solve the problem. According to the New York Times technology reporter Sherry Franklodge During the outage, Facebook employees were not even able to enter the building to determine the extent of the outage. Entry cards do not work with them.

How did you face the failure of Facebook services? Did you use 6 Hours of Calm to escape the digital world, or did you switch to Twitter or YouTube? Describe your experience in the comments below the article.

Source: cnn.com