January 19, 2022

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KBC works with employees to enhance customer digital engagement and financial well-being

KBC works with employees to enhance customer digital engagement and financial well-being

Brussels and Tel Aviv, Israel – (work wire) – KBC, Europe’s leading multi-channel geo-insurance group, is working with it Characters, the world’s leading provider of personal financial solutions to personalize and engage customers in financial services. The two companies will work together to provide proactive, multilingual, data-driven solutions to increase customer interaction with the KBC mobile application to meet their needs.

AI Personetics models use customer financial data to automatically configure and classify all transactions, greatly simplifying and improving the user experience. Personatics provides KBC with a powerful “share” interaction platform that allows KBC to modify existing reports and generate ongoing reports and recommendations for clients. As a result of the Engage app, KBC has seen a clear increase in engagement, including an increase in the number of signups and sessions above industry standards with a 90% satisfaction rate.

“Our team is interested in exceeding the expectations of KBC Mobile customers. One way to achieve this is to save time and money. For example: a quick alert to check if a double payment is intended. Or a notification when you have received payment.” In any case, when we are able to provide such relevant information, it can be a small but tangible benefit to clients’ lives and enhance their personal financial insight. Personetics helps us achieve that kind of comfort, says Karen Van Hoek, CEO of (Digital) Transformation and Data at KBC.

“Personetics’ Enget solution gives us flexibility and scope. Thanks to our extensive catalog of proven, relevant and valuable knowledge, we are able to develop and scale our PFM solution much faster than if we had built everything ourselves from scratch. In addition, we also benefited from PersonaTex’s extensive hands-on experience with bank clients.Thanks to a completely new order generation tool from PersonaTex, we have been given a powerful tool that offers us more flexibility than before.This will allow us to design our own reports without having to develop them manually.This will help us differentiate your PFM solution. Tell us about our competitors’ solutions.

– Jurgen Indekeu, Policy Advisor for the Inclusive Retail Sector at KBC

“Data on KBC use shows us once again that customers are hungry for information that is concise and relevant to their finances. When a bank insurance company provides this information through personalized and helpful reports, they are more likely to interact over time,” says David Sosna, CEO. Personnetics Corporation.

KBC Belgium and Personetics in numbers:

  • Banking assets: 320 billion euros

  • Bank customers in Belgium: 2.6 million

  • Digital Bank Belgium users: approx. 1.6 million

  • Partner since 2018

  • Customer satisfaction with personal feedback: +90%

  • Reports generated over time: 47.4 million

  • On average, 6 new statistics per customer per month

  • Active participation in the character: 35%

  • Languages: Dutch, English, French and German

The partnership agreement between PersonaTex and KBC is expected to ensure that KBC is the leading European financial institution. Additional services and features are expected to be introduced in the coming months, with KBC adding customized features to its small and medium business customers to expand KBC’s personalized ordering offering across the board.

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About the character:

Personatics Intelligence focuses on proactively engaging banks, analyzing financial data in real time to understand customers’ financial behavior, anticipating customer needs, and providing a highly customized environment. With solutions designed for the mass retail market, wealth management and small business clients, PersoniTex technology enables banks to provide daily reporting, financial advisory, and automated health programs. Banks use the flexible Personetics platform to quickly create a customizable IP address to meet the unique needs of their customers and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Thanks to this development, banks have transformed their digital banking services into the center of the financial life of customers and at the same time significantly affected their business.

Led by a team of experienced financial and tech entrepreneurs, PersoniTex strives for a world of “self-managed finance”, where banks act proactively on behalf of their clients – something that is beneficial to both clients and banks. PersoniTex was founded in 2011 and operates with offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Tel Aviv. To find out more, visit www.personetics.com.

About KBC:

KBC is one of the leading financial groups in Europe. It is a multi-channel group of bank insurance with a geographic focus on Europe, serving primarily retail clients, small and medium-sized businesses and local mid-sized businesses. The group enjoys a prominent position and in many cases a leader in its main markets of Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Ireland. KBC Group has also selectively established itself in many other countries and regions around the world.

KBC employs approximately 41,000 people and serves nearly 12 million customers in its primary markets. KBC Group NV is listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock List ( ticker symbol “KBC”).

KBC’s mission is to be one of the best performing financial institutions in Europe. Thus KBC wants to become a reference in Bancassurance in its key markets.

“We want to strengthen and protect the dreams of our customers. We want to inspire, strengthen and motivate those who depend on us every day.” To achieve this vision, KBC strives to increase customer engagement by continuously updating/refining/further adapting and improving its mobile applications to meet evolving customer needs.

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