January 19, 2022

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Solik: The Slovak Energy Company mocked customers and showed the ugly face of business

Solik: The Slovak Energy Company mocked customers and showed the ugly face of business

The collapse of one of the largest alternative energy suppliers, Slovak Energy, was the result of a combination of managerial failures with an incorrect approach towards Slovak customers. Economy Minister Richard Sollick thinks so.

They did not buy enough electricity and gas. If they were making money here, they were here, and when they saw that they weren’t going to make money anymore, they coughed the customers. This is the ugly side of business.” Solik said after the cabinet meeting.

The last resort suppliers

The Minister of State for the Ministry of Economy, Karol Galic, confirmed that more than 300,000 Slovak Energy customers will be taken care of by suppliers of last resort.

Gas will therefore be supplied to energy customers of Slovakia by the Slovak Gas Industry (SPP) and electricity by Západoslovenská energetika, Stredoslovenská energetika or Východoslovenská energetika. Depending on the distribution area to which the collection point belongs.

automatic transmission

The supplier of last resort is obligated to deliver the commodity to the agreed extent until the customer chooses a new supplier. However, for a maximum of the next three months of Slovakia Energy will lose the ability to provide electricity or natural gas.

If, within three months of the termination of the supply contract with Energy Slovakia, the customer does not conclude a supply contract with a new supplier, he automatically becomes a customer of the supplier of last resort.

Reasons to leave the market

At the end of September, Energy Slovakia announced to the Network Industries Regulatory Office (ÚRSO) that it would end electricity and gas supplies in Slovakia.

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“The pressure to switch to zero-emissions energy sources, speculation with emissions allowances, a long winter and an expected increase in consumption due to the development of electric mobility are driving energy prices sharply higher in wholesale markets. In addition, due to the regulated market, it is not It is possible for us to respond appropriately to this situation with pricing, and while we are very sorry, we are forced to terminate our business in Slovakia in the energy sector,” The Slovak Energy Company justified its actions.