October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Do you know what the hay on gold means and what the oil of the future will be?

Do you know what the hay on gold means and what the oil of the future will be?

Yes hey. Not salt, but hay over gold. This may sound like a new version of the old Slovak saying. And what is this “dream”? Transaction data. This is often considered a necessary evil that should be stored for some time and then erased as soon as possible so that it does not take up space. However, transaction data and analysis can be the most powerful source for estimating customer behavior in the future. How do you use this “boredom”? You can find out too # Econatoconference, the biggest trade event of the fall, which will soon see its third year. The oil of the future is data. Even with them, we are likely to see a new version of early old business wisdom – it is not important to have the data, but to be able to read and use it.

employment # Econatoconference However, Slovenská sporiteľňa will not only talk about data. Successful people known and unknown will share their inspirational stories and we will also witness to Slovaks who have succeeded abroad.

However, the biggest star of the conference will be Mika Hakkinen, F1 world champion Flying Finn. He reveals a recipe for staying flexible in the face of intense competition, in his case Michael Schumacher. He also talks about why data is the key to unlocking potential not only in business but also in F1.

While last year’s conference was streamed online, this year will see a so-called hybrid version. It would be possible directly in the old market #econato 350 people will attend, and the others will be able to watch the conference online. Entry is free, you can still register for www.akonatokonferencia.sk. You will also find all the important information on the site.

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#econato The conference will once again be full of inspiring topics:

  • Biz Talks, Inspirational Stories. How do you make a 19th century beer brand into the 21st century? How do you transfer success from the music industry to success in business? And how does this year’s entrepreneur view the “duel” of stone operations and e-commerce?
  • What could the future of business in Slovakia look like? Peter Krutel, CEO of Slovenská sporiteľňa, will discuss with four successful Slovaks working primarily abroad.
  • Trends in Business – Business data as “the oil of the future”. How do you create the right pricing, get the most out of the customer, connect the offline business to the online world and automate the company’s internal processes? Business representatives who know how to use data for the benefit of business will tell you more.
  • We will appreciate the first winners of the FéliX New Business Award. We will announce the Entrepreneurial Success Story, Family Business of the Year as well as the Public Good Award. Watch the best of #akonato 2020

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